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Can I please be moved to waiting to know? I am currently 6DPIUI. Thanks!
Coco.... What a long, long trip you have been on! Congrats on your babies! I am really happy for you and DP.
Can I be moved to waiting to know? I had an IUI this morning. I only had one mature follicle (21X17) at the time of ultrasound, so I am really hoping we catch it! I am an obsessive tester and actually got a BFP at 8DPIUI last time! I will start testing out the trigger tomorrow so I will know when the result is the result and not the trigger.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdxmomazon oh wow, does SMBC mean single mother before children? That's all i could come up with! Single mother by choice
....just popping in to say hello and update. Between full time employment and an 18 month old, I have not participated in this thread except for a rare post here and there. Anyway, we go in for my ultrasound tomorrow morning to see how if I have stimulated. The RE is not completely confident I will have stimulated because of still nursing DD. He said that if I do not stimulate, he won't recommend doing another until she has been weaned for a few months. If all goes...
Posted in the wrong place. But hope to be here in about 2 weeks!
How long did we try? -We did one cycle at home (and used three vials) and it was a BFN. Found out I had PCOS and my follicles probably never matured on their own. That probably explained why I never got pregnant with my ex, after having (very sporatic and infrequent) unprotected sex for three years. Well, I highly suspect I got pregnant one time and had a miscarriage, but it was never confirmed. -Second try was an IUI with Clomid and a trigger. Got pregnant and lost...
Count us back in for this cycle! I am on CD1 and will take Femara CD 4-8, ultrsound and trigger on CD 13, and the IUI on CD 15 (June 28).
I missed the announcement, Coco! Congratulations!
DW and I rented our home to a family member and her DP about 15 months ago. For the most part, they have been great. Rent has been a little late a few times, but nothing major and we weren't really stressing about it. She and her DP and now moving out June 1 and gave us notice. They paid rent to us the beginning of May and the check bounced (first time this ever happened). In some ways, I can see how it happened. DW and I usually only go to the bank a couple times per...
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