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I'd eat it.
02/04 -- 21 minutes StairMaster 174/1000
02/03 --30 minutes Elliptical (5395 strides, 309 calories) -- 12 minutes wieght lifting (9412 pounds) 153/1000
I was living on my own and going to school part-time. It was going to take me 7 years to finish my undergradute degree. My lease was up and she told me to quit looking for a new place, move in with her, quit my job, and go back to school full-time. She was willing to completely support me while I went to school. That was three years ago and I not only completed my undergraduate degree, but will actually finish my Master's in Social Work in three months. I figured that...
I have made liquid laundry soap several times using the first recipe in the sticky. I have decided I would ike o use Borax in addition to the Dr. Bronner's soap and washing soda. I normally use 1 cup of washing soda per 1/2 bar of Dr. Bronner's. Using that recipe, how much Borax should I use per load? Or would it be best to make the detergent as I normally do and then add the Borax to each load as it is put into the washing machine? I bought 2 bars of Dr. Bronner's...
02/02 -- 78 minutes -- 28 minutes weight lifting (19,225 pounds total today) -- 50 minutes Elliptical (8932 strides and 543 calories burned) 111/1000
33 minutes Elliptical Machine 33/1000
Quote: Originally Posted by 2tadpoles I don't have any real ideas, but I think that bratwursts would be waaaay sexier than Vienna sausages. I think I am going to :Puke : : :
Quote: Originally Posted by max_4477 No, I do not think it is "fair" to orchestrate a multiracial child being born into an explicitly racist all-white family with no ties to the child's "non-white" culture, especially to fulfil a multiracial fantasy of the parent. Thank you. This is very true and completely answered my questions. I know, I know. You are all right. I talked to DW about this today and we had a really good conversation. I...
1. I ran into an old friend of mine at the gym this evening and made plans to do a kickboxing class with her next week. It was really nice to see her. Plus, she told me she is getting 10 chickens in the spring and I can have all the eggs I want for free! 2. My "experiment" for dinner turned out really good. 3. It has not exactly happened yet, but the season premiere of L Word is tonight and I am very, very excited! I have the cable turned on for three months each...
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