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I have an amazing mama who pumps donor milk for my 6 month old twins. I think she might have high lipase in her milk. I pick up the milk twice a week, and the milk that is just 0-1 days old tastes fabulous, like melted ice cream. The milk that is more than a day or two tastes horrible, like spit up and it smells sour. My babies have a hard time choking it down but have no problem with the fresher milk. I have tried having her freeze it right away and that helps some,...
I'm 6 weeks pg and determined to eat well this pregnancy, I had pre-e with my last one and I admit I did not have a great diet. I have come a long way since then though. What complicates things is that I have allergies to gluten, dairy, and eggs. Thankfully, I do like all kinds of meat and we do buy high quality (we bought half of a grass fed cow so plenty of beef available). But besides meat, what can I substitute for the dairy and eggs? Would protein powder shakes do...
What do I substitute on the Brewer Diet if I am allergic to dairy AND eggs? I don't normally drink soy milk because it is not a "real food" but I will use it in recipes sometimes. I do eat meat. Any suggestions?
We're in the process of becoming foster parents and I need help choosing a diaper system I can have on hand. We are going to be licensed for under 3 y/o, boy or girl, so I was hoping for a one size diaper. I used mostly FB with my kids but that doesn't seem like an economical choice to have to have all the sizes on hand. I was looking into BG but I remember buying one 3 yrs ago or so and I didn't really care for the fabric that touches baby. Have they changed that? I also...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chakra I know organic pastures has never had a outbreak and are very clean. I did find this. ?? http://www.knbc.com/news/9913052/detail.html
Thank you both. I think that is a great idea to visit the farm. It would be a nice day trip and I'm sure it would make me more comfortable to see how clean they are.
I'm just getting started with TF, I'm lucky to live in an area where raw milk is on the grocery store shelves (at whole foods and family run grocers) but I can't get over the fear of it. I've been trying to read up on the issue but both sides seem to make valid points. Can you tell me what made you decide that this was healthy for your family? Thanks for any advice.
Sometimes I spot during the 2-3 days before/on ovulation. I've heard it's a good fertility sign.
My OB at the UW Medical Center said I could have a VBAC.
It sounds like you may possibly have chronic hypertension being unmaksed by pregnancy. I would get it checked out, you don't want it causing problems as you get further along.
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