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Post your entries here! I had a heck of a time deciding what to submit, but finally decided on this one.... http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w...1/DSCN4761.jpg
I have a Kenmore Oasis HE. I have had great success with my dipes! Even though it doesn't have an agitator, they do get swished around like it had an agitator. pretty interesting to watch through the transparent lid
I have a HE top loader, use pockets (FB, Swaddlebees, BumGenius, Blueberry, MothersTouch) and this is my wash routine -- I use a dry pail, lined with a Swaddlebees wetbag. Prior to ds eating solids, diapers would just get thrown in the pail and then seperated and washed every other day. Now that he eats solid foods as well as breastmilk, I dump what i can in the toilet and throw the dipe in the wetbag. Seperate dipes and wash every other day. I use Charlie's soap...
I have a HE washer and use Charlies. For clothes I use 1/2 recommended amount, per Charlies FAQ. For diapers (pockets) I used 1/4 recommended. Has always worked fine for us. Good luck!
I would recommend getting only a few of each thing you might be interested in. You would want to try them out before committing and buying lots or something in particular. Different things work better for different babies and you may find you don't really like something you thought you would. When ds2 was born I had 2 dozen prefolds, 4 or 5 covers and 12 or so pockets (some Fuzzi Bunz, 2 Swaddlebees, 1 Happy Heiny, 1 Mothers Touch, 1 BumGenius). We had some poop...
Hi there! I started CD when my 2nd was born. I bought all used dipes from the Trading Post here on Mothering and some from DiaperSwappers (.com). I fell in love with Fuzzi Bunz, so bought mostly those. A couple other pocket diapers as well - Swaddlebees, Happy Heiny, BumGenius and Mothers Touch. I also borrowed some prefolds and covers from a friend. I really disliked the prefolds. After my ds outgrew the small FB I decided to buy new for his mediums. I bought...
A grass roots movement in the state of IL has been working very hard on getting a bill passed to make licensure of midwifery a reality for our state. As most of you are aware, midwives cannot legally attend a home birth. We are trying to change this. We are very close. Right now the bill is in Registration and Regulation Committe of the House. We have been informed that they intend to kill the bill. We are working on writing letters to the committee...
My ds was eating avacado yesterday in a white FB. I washed a load of dipes a few hours later, never thinking it wouldn't come out. Now I have a splotchy FB. Any tips on how to remove the stain? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by CanBoo I am adding another recommendation: BabyKangas. One-size like BumGenius, but with snaps and microfleece which I prefer over suedecloth. So here's my order. 1. BK 2. BG 3. FB (because one-size pockets above fits as well so no point of paying for all sizes...) 4. SB (ok for day time, but I don't like for night.) Can you give me a link for the BabyKangas you are talking about? Thanks! Kris
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