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anyone else see this & think vaccine testing? a little extreme maybe but that is all i thought about the whole movie!
i found we don't really need any verbal cues at all. putting him on the potty seems to be cue enough.
if you have to find a new one, better to do some searching by phone. i made a list of all the dr that my insurance covered. i called each and asked a few questions - if they were taking new patients, confirmed they took my ins and do they see non vax'd patients. most said no, a few said they would but preferred not to and a couple said yes. then my choices were WAY narrowed down! good luck, stick to your guns!
yeah, i think bringing up a religious exemption to the ped will only complicate things. chances are (and i hope this isn't the case for you) the ped will try to tell you how wrong you are and 'educate' you on vaxs. and then try to convince you to change your mind.
you can change beliefs at any time. you perspective on any topic will change as you aquire more information/experiences. the religious exemption is used to state your beliefs, not to state a specific religous affiliation. you won't need an exemption for the doctor anyway, only for a school/daycare. all you need to tell the dr is that you have decided to stop vaccinating. depending on the dr.'s stance, you may have to find a new one anyway.
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