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Quote: Originally Posted by CelticMomma Okay, fill me in, too. Frost me anyone? PM'd ya!
Hi all, can I join the fun?
nak http://www.cdc.gov/travel/vaccinat.htm scroll down a bit to 'required vax'
i probably have the one you are talking about. it is a plasticy material on the bottom but a fuzzy material on the top. i really can't tell it is plasticy at all. it is soft, doesn't make noise and doesn't make me sweat (whereas, other waterproof area pads do). we bought it at the mattress store for around $50 i think (queen)
Is this causing harm to my FB? I have some very used prefolds that I wash w/ my FB. I have been having leaking issues w/ FB recently. Is my washing them together contributing?
I registered for Fuzzi Bunz at nurturedfamily.com. It was easy and i went back and changed it a number of times. I also did a web registry (like pp mentioned) at myregistry.com
My 6 wk old ds is in FB day and night. The last week or so they have been leaking at night when he is either laying on his back or on his side. I have 20 or so in rotation, only one or two were new and the rest uesd. I wash every night in a HE machiing - cold wash/rinse stain treat setting with 1/2 Tb of Charlies, hot wash no soap, cold rinse. dry on medium. I assumed they just need stripped and I was researching how to do that when it occurred to me that maybe the...
Carrin, Are you still having leaking issues? I am going through the exact same thing! If my ds (6 wks) is laying on his back or side, the FB leaks. The leaks have been out the back on the side of the insert. I have a couple new and the rest used. I haven't been able to determine which dipes are leaking, I don't think he has worn the same one twice at night so I guess they are all leaking. How did you strip them? My other issue is that at 6 wks he has outgrown...
this is how i word my letter in IL: I, legal Parent/Guardian state that the above child is hereby exempt from immunizations against Varicella, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Haemophilus Influenza, and Hepatitis B on RELIGIOUS GROUNDS of the ILLINOIS SCHOOL CODE, Section 27-8.8, since it is in conflict with my bona fide and sincerely held religious beliefs and practices regarding inborn health. Compulsory...
I have seen this topic discussed here before, even though it isn't a vaccine. I tried doing a search of the forum and didn't come up with any of the posts. Does anyone have information on the newborn screening? I know what the test is and how it is performed, but i am looking specifically for age related info (is there an age that is too old to get a accurate result, etc), opinions on neccessity, would symptoms of diseases show up by now, etc. The situation is that...
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