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I wish I could say nothing, but with a scheduled section looming over my head (a week from today) I am trying a few things. Evening Primrose Oil, intercourse, spicy foods, walking. Once Sunday rolls around my doula and I will be discussing homeopathics, nipple stimulation, etc.
I think there have been some in the 'I'm Pregnant' board. I have this site bookmarked from when I was researching the test - http://www.webmd.com/hw/raising_a_family/hw41965.asp. not sure if it will help you or not. ETA: I did a search of the pregnancy forum for the full name of the test (Phenylketonuria) and some threads came up.
bright red is better then dark! when my ds had bright red blood on his stool it was an anal fissure. the ped was able to show it to me by opening his anus a little. it looked like a small cut just inside. you could probably look yourself. i am not sure what can be done to help them go away though.
There is a difference between blood IN the stool and blood ON the stool. Blood IN the stool is blood that has been digested, and would be a dark red or black. Blood ON the stool is blood that has not been digested, and would be a bright red. The latter is most likely an anal fissure, and would not change with dietary changes, etc. They go away on their own. With blood IN the stool, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. I can't see how a formula could...
i haven't tried this, but someone was telling me they cut a panty liner in half and stick them on the inside of their night shirt, a half for each side. i just dealt with wearing a bra to bed. it seemed to help with my breast pain so for me it was better then not wearing one.
even though ds always sleeps on my right, he nurses off both sides. i just lean over more to get the top breast to him.
hadn't even ever thought it was a problem! ds has always slept on my right side, until last week. i rearranged our room for our newest arrival due next week. i prefer my all night nurslings on my right side, so want the new baby there. i have a preferred side of the bed too. i think it is normal.
i gave my ds a pillow of his own when he started steeling mine. he was probably around 16 months or so. we both use the temperpedic foam pillows - he uses the narrower side and i use the thicker side. when we nurse lying down i scoot him off his pillow though.
Quote: Originally Posted by gen_here I just ordered a doll for my son (will be 21 months). Same reasoning someone said above - I thought he'd like his own baby to take care of. He has been wonderful with all the exposure to babies that we have had. where did you order a doll from? i have been looking in local stores for a doll for my 23 month old son and cannot find one i like!
i can relate, i was there not too long ago! everything drastically changed for me when my milk dried up. ds, 18 months at the time, went from nursing every hour to nursing a few minutes before bed all on his own. it took about two weeks for him to make the transition. since then he has lost his latch, but still 'nurses' for a minute once a day, before bed. do you still have milk? i think you are right about at the point where most women's milk dries up. if you can...
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