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Did you ask to speak to the manager's boss?  Call Kroger Corporate?
Spring is here!  Good to see you again!      
I can say nothing of a meat CSA, but go to localharvest.org
Pass it Along Kids is a second-hand kids shop in Yellow Springs.
Favorite Holiday Family Tradition?
Check out localharvest.org. I have been with Bluebird Hills for years. Hungry Toad is good too and he has excellent eggs. My raw dairy comes from Eat Food 4 Life. They are at the 2nd St. market.
Most folks I know move into Oakwood for the schools and than leave when the kids are grown. Taxes are pricey there. Oakwood has a lot of rules, like you can't put your trash on the curb or alley. The trash folks have a key to your garage where you keep your trash. Also, you can only mow your yard at certain times due to noise concerns. They have great parks. The place is safe and pretty. I would not call it diverse. Oh and I hear they have a leaky basement...
Dr. Julie Myers DO in Centerville LLL of East Dayton can hook you up with HB MWs. Ask the leaders after the meeting.
Slings are easy to get here. We have second hand stores (5 that I can think of just for babies, kids and moms) that always have them and sometimes they are even new. Also, parents can get brand new ones for free from a LLL leader. Cloth diapers are a little harder to get, but one of the second hand stores has them. Not sure about there selection though. Personally, I go second hand 95% of the time, maternity clothes included. I did buy a super cute maternity...
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