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Interesting discussion...   When I read about moms who opt out of homework, my response is "then take them out of school and homeschool".  However, I realize that our public school has been awesome with homework.  It's very minimal and it really is there to get mom and dad working with the child, making them a responsible partner in their child's education.  My DD is in Kindergarten and comes home with a homework calendar for the month and it's our choice to do the...
I really like Bubble and Bee Organics Pit Putty:  http://www.bubbleandbee.com/servlet/the-111/Geranium-Lime-%27Pit-Putty/Detail    She has a couple of different types of deoderants and if you buy one and don't like it you can "trade it in" for another one.
I'm 33 and was just baptised 6 years ago (with my DH, who was baptised as an infant but wanted to be rebaptised as a believer).
I think the point being that some scientific evidence says vaccines are totally safe and some scientific evidence says that they're not.   Who do you believe?  Really, pick your biased opinion on anything, vax's included, and you can find the research to back it up. 
  I'm assuming the information is probably on something that you sign...however, how many people actually read all the "fine print"?  
Hmmm, good point.    
Clearly you can believe the vaccine doesn't work but the TiG does, as I've continuted to research after I posted this question and found the answer I was looking for.    "Early doses of toxoid may not induce immunity, but only prime the immune system. The TIG provides temporary immunity by directly providing antitoxin. This ensures that protective levels of antitoxin are achieved."
Good to know about them trying to push the DT on you.  Thanks for answering.  I'm still researching more, but was just not finding the answer I was looking for (maybe because I'm trying to do it with 4 children around :) !).
One more vaccine question that I'm having trouble finding...   So I saw on one website (I think it was Tenpenny that said this) that the tetanus vaccine is a toxoid vaccine and our body can't build up immunity to poisons.  So if vaccination doesn't make sense, would the tetanus immune globulin makes sense if you have a wound that is deep and can't be cleaned and bled properly?  I guess my DH and I are questioning this vaccine vs. what to do if our children developed...
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