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Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama Heh heh! I've got $5 worth of internet cheapies (like 25 tests!!!) arriving at my house tonight! I intend to test ALL WEEKEND LONG!! I'm not cheating though because I've said all along I wouldn't last until Monday! So if you'd like I can be the official cheater. Sounds good to me!!!
Okay...I'm ready to admit that I, too, am lurking! I'll be testing the 5th if I make it that long! I don't feel pregnant, and have been having major AF cramps and severe *itchiness which I always seem to get before a period, but I do remember feeling like AF was going to come at any minute with my other pregnancies!
I LOVE it! I am SO checking these forums multiple times a day!!! DH starts back to work tomorrow and will be taking the laptop with him and so I won't be able to check as often, so I'm getting my fill now! I'm in the 2ww right now and I feel like I NEED to be here because my DH doesn't understand the obsession and I can't tell anyone IRL.
OMG! Can someone just cheat and test early? Oops. Did I just say that out loud? Seriously, waiting for all of you to test is killing me as much as waiting for myself to test!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jee'smom wow, i'm so sorry. i certainly didn't mean to make her feel bad. i did not know that IC's had so many things wrong with them with the way that everyone raves about them. i certainly will not be buying them now. to the OP... i'm sorry, i didn't mean to get your hopes up. back in my day (4-9 yrs ago)... a line was a line, but we didn't have IC back then, not that i knew of anyway. sorry. Aw, honey, you...
Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama Ok, so tiny little pin-prick twinges always in the same spot? I had several first on one side this morning, and now the other side this afternoon. I compared notes and she said she got the twinges with both of her pregnancies but only ever one side. She said the twinges in her 2nd pregnancy were what convinced her she was pregnant. She had singletons both time. Opinions? Anyone else had the twinges? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicoholic LOL I just had this conversation with my DH.... Me: Do you smell that? DH: Smell what? Me: The hair salon smell DH: *pointed stare* Me: Okay... so I'll just shut up now... Hmm. I gagged at the smell from opening a bag of chewy lollies (candy) today... then later had to spit out a yellow snake because it tasted terrible... As for me, I don't think I'm pregnant. I am a *itch today. This is...
Okay PLEASE tell us IMMEDIATELY after you test!!! And post pictures. I need me some BFP porn.
RollerCoasterMama, Did you really buy more PG tests? How are you NOT testing?! You are strong...
That last one looks positive to me too!
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