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You might dig this site: http://www.afj.org/ The Alliance for Justice is an organization that supports advocacy. There's a lot of info on the site about starting, funding, and maintaining non-profits, as well as other types of organizations. I'm not affiliated or anything. I'm just familiar with it because I'm part of a non-profit group. My org is more into lobbying than what you are thinking about doing, though, so we need considerably less money than you might.
After reading the thread, I wanted to add: I live in central Texas. We live in a house that has one bedroom and one bathroom, and is about 600 sq.ft. Three adults, two young children. We pay $500 a month in rent, plus about $150 a month for utilities, not including phone. There are two working vehicles, but neither will hold both of my children's carseats. (If the boys go somewhere together, it's in their father's car. My ex visits every week.) We raise chickens, and grow...
Hey hey!! I don't have anything right now, but I can absolutely get something together for you. When is your meeting? Could you email me at quantumsarah@sbcglobal.net? I'll put you in touch with the president. She'll be excited to talk to you.
I voted in the $50,000 to $75,000 range, but if we made $75,000 a year, I could afford a car instead of the gigantic piece of yard art I have now. *laugh* We make about $52,000 a year, and are a family of five.
*blush* What Texas board?
I made the decision first and my (former) partner agreed, even though he was circumcised. He was willing to go along with my decision from the get-go, but it took very little research to totally convince him that circumcision was definitely not something we wanted to do to our sons.
Hola, everyone. I'm Sarah, and I used to post on Mothering quite some time ago, so I'm a sorta-new person. *laugh* I wanted to spread the word about the consumer advocacy organization I'm a part of. Midwifery in Texas is being threatened through legislation, and we are working on making certain midwifery remains an option for all women in Texas. We're a new organization, and our website is a work in progress *laugh*, but we're making huge steps forward. The url is...
I have a three year old. Jake was born in January 1999. (I'm not new here, but it's been a while since I've been back to Mothering.) Jake is out of diapers, quite on his own, is still breastfeeding, and is a wonderful little boy. I am very proud of him and just awed by his intelligence. He does have a temper, and gets bored easily, and creates rules that we must (or are supposed to) adhere to or face his wrath... Three is definitely challenging, but I like it much...
My first name is Sarah. And I both drive a VW Quantum (my first and only car, I love it) and am fascinated my quantum theory. Especially the bit that hints everyone may be in all places at once. I feel that way pretty often, being involved in so many things online.
I spend about $120 a week for three adults, two preschoolers, a huge dog, and a cat. We don't eat out at all. Last time I ate food I didn't cook was weeks ago, and the last time I ate in a real restaurant was... about 7 months ago. I would love to eat out more often...
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