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I came here to get insight and help for my friend. I have never know anyone to use a midwife or have a holistic birth so I have no idea what is safe and standard practice and what is not. I felt upset and afraid for my friend because the story is straight out of Jerry Springer. It seems that this board is very judgemental and not open to helping. How can I call and press charges for assault for my friend? It doesn't really work that way if she is fine with it and...
Just say yeah, I guess we'll have to give up our hopes of her going away to college cause she's still need me to nurse her to sleep. Sorry, I'm just being sarcastic. She will be ok and it will not be forever. 9mo is still very young its not like now is the cut off point or she will be ruined for life. I think you just have to keep doing what you feel is right for her and explain to your husband that you know it seems like a long time but she is still very small and...
My son is two and he will fall asleep in his playpen downstairs and then about an hour later my husband and I will carry him upstairs to sleep with us. If she has a pack and play maybe she could bring that and he could sleep in there for a little while near you until you can take him to bed with you.
Before I tell how the conversation went this morning, I'll mention that I live in a warm area and the pond will not be frozen in the winter, maybe it'll be about 50 degrees outside. I had a talk with my friend this morning about her midwife. She had not even noticed that the lady had picked up two pieces of raw chicken and placed them on a plate before the exam. My friend did not seem worried at all about her not wearing gloves. She said she has had an exam at each...
Thanks for all your responses. I don't think I would personally feel comfortable about not getting any prenatal care and then having the baby alone at home but to each his own. If you're brave enough to do it, kudos to you!
What if you just don't make it to the hospital in time? They give you a fine or something?
Thanks for the info. Glad to hear the ladies are getting prenatal care.
I have a goodfriend I'm really worried about. She is all into the natural birth stuff, (which I think is great) and she got a "holistic midwife" that is going to deliver the baby. Well the lady has her convinced that the best place to give birth is in a lake. She says the lake has medicinal properties in the water and it will help to "naturally vacinate" the baby when its born when its exposed to the algea and stuff in there. Well I'm no professional and I had my son...
Does it mean that you do not get any prenatal care and you have your baby at home? Or you get prenatal care and then have the baby at home. I've never know anyone to have their baby alone so I'm new to all this.
Do you have any older gay males in your family or network of friends that could be his mentor or role model. Maybe he's not sure himself and spending time with him could help him realize that.
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