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dd had a steamed piece of broccoli at 5.5 months because she grabbed it off of my plate. She didn't ingest any, just gummed on it. She's almost 7 months and we just give her things off of our plate, chunks of sweet potato, green beans, squash, carrot. I just put anything on her tray (as long as it is healthy food) and let her go to town on it. Sometimes she eats a little, sometimes she plays.
When you have breast pads laying all over the house (coffee table, desk, bed, etc.) but never in your bras when you need it! My MIL actually set her drink on one thinking it was a coaster! LOL
I was wondering this as well. I'm not pregnant, but was wondering what if? I think i would pump constantly for as long as i could to establish a freezer stash and continue to let dd nurse as much as possible. I know i've heard of women losing their milk while pregnant, some their supply going down and some having no change. So i think it just depends on the person what happens.
Dd will be 6 months next week and is EBF. Before she was born we talked about delaying solids until she was 8, 9, 10,....months. Then we decided to only let her self feed and start whenever she showed all of the signs. Sadly enough, she is now. She has all of the signs - sits up unassisted and such. For atleast a month now she has been grabbing food off of our plates and we have taken it back from her. But i feel like once she hits the 6 month mark then we won't...
Definitely don't buy an infant car seat. We got the convertible one that goes from 5 - 40 pds and have been using it from day one. The infant ones seem like a waste of money to me, because you have to buy another one later. Some people will tell you "the infant ones are recommended at first" yes, by the car seat companies. We have the Eddie Bauer one & the Britax Roundabout (both given as gifts) I love the Britax & tolerate the Eddie Bauer one. I think i will like...
I understand your concern, i've been there. In January i had colitis, a bacterial infection of the colon. It took pretty strong antibiotics to clear it up. This was a situation that had to have antibiotics. The concern is if you really need the antibiotics. In some cases you do, in others you can get by without them. How well do you know your dr.? Will he try other things or is he just going to throw antibiotics at anything? That's the real question. If you do...
DD is only 5 months and we bathe her once a week, occasionally twice. She doesn't eat solids or crawl yet so she's not getting dirty. Plus, with it being winter i don't want to dry out her skin.
I just wanted to add i think you all are wonderful mamas! How blessed your children are to have you. DD is only 4.5 months now, but one day i hope to have your wonderful & sometimes aggravating stories to tell.
We love the Bum Genius! They are wonderful. I've never had a leak. They are definitely an investment, but i believe they are worth it.
I just remembered this and thought everyone might get a kick out of it or more appropriately just piss you off. dd was born 9lbs 20 3/4 inches. When she was 4 DAYS OLD!! a friend called to congratulate us and i was talking to her on the phone & she said, "What did the dr. say at her check-up?" "She's had no check-up." I replied. "Well when are you taking her to the dr.?" "Whenever she gets sick." I answered. THEN SHE SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! "You need to take her in...
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