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we call it "boober" round here!
My dd is 15 months and exactly the same. She tosses and turns and nurses and babbles from about 9 pm to 11 pm. It is so hard b/c I get NO time to myself. By the time she falls asleep I have already long befor her. My poor dh. I am also wishing I could night wean but w/ my toddler in the bed too, it will disturb her sleep......sigh.......I'll be watching this thread!
mmmmmmmmmmmm girl.......i am so w/ you right now. my 3yo dd is non stop. and the chitter chatter all day long is sending me into a tail spin. i need a translator..........this is her: "mama, weers da duckie thing? little duckie mama? baby duck, quack quack. mama where is it? find it mama." me: " i don't know what you talking about babe. what is it?" her: "mom. you know. the little duck. goes swish. flyin around." this will last for 30 minutes or...
she's so little, i wouldn't worry! but they do have really cute winter ones now that are lined with that wooly fleecey stuff!:
ha ha haa! kids are the funniest things!
Cool! Thank You! Off To Up My Posts!
I am always reading over at TBW about MDC co-op's, but I can't seem to find them on here. Is there a pre-req in order to get in on the co-ops?
I totally have had this problem before and I think I figured out what it is for me. I think that when I'm pg, Dh and I have sex and he doesn't pull out, (b/c I can't get pg ) And I think that the -ahem- semen have some funky reaction with my hooney and it creates this awful stink. Soooo, now that I don't let him do that in me anymore, no more stink. HTH!!!
I am in the EXACT same boat you are. My dd is 10.5 months old and we have her surgery scheduled for Sept 18. The day after her 1st b'day. i am so nervous and praying that it will miracuously clear up on its own. One thing I am doing that I never did before is massaging mostly on her nose, lower near the nostril like where the bone stops........does that make sense? Looking at a picture, I realised that is where the ducts opening is, I thought it was near the corner of the...
hmmmm.....It's hard to tell in the pic b/c it's not clear enough to see if it's thrush or just bm. Can you scrape it off? If you can then it's just milk. But with you having the pain yesterday, I would be guessing thrush. Get to your doctor this week if you think it might be b/c man it hurts once it gets bad.
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