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Some adopted children in closed adoption romanticze their birthparents as being these amazingly, wonderful, saintly people who will fulfill all their hopes and dreams. This girl seems to be in this phase, even if stating she realizes reality. I would never tell my birthdaughter not to call my something SHE chose to call me, but if it were 'mom', I would discuss what that means, and how that would make her mother feel. I'm a mom person to my birthdaughter. I do not...
Quote: Originally Posted by ozzyemm OK, chick w/ brown hair is covering her bulging pocket w/ her hand. Evidence?Info? Murder weapon? Sorry, don't see a bulge
I have a cell phone and no landline...lol
6-10 years here. I believe it's 7 years and 6 months
Quote: Originally Posted by ani'smommy Well, part of our problem is that DH and I have different last names, so people generally don't write "____ Family." I guess I will call and see if I can bring DD. I already RSVPed before it occured to me that I might not be able to bring her. We have different last names too, and were just invited to a wedding as 'The M family and the B family'... Inside the invite was addressed to SO, me, DSS...
Quote: Originally Posted by *Jessica* Yeah, after I posted that I remembered. Her mom had an affair with him and raised Catherine as a single mother, correct? Something like that...lol My brain is getting fried from staring at that diner...lol
Quote: Originally Posted by *Jessica* Marc and I were just checking the pic out and he thinks (can anyone verify or let us know we're wrong?) that Catherine's stepdad (or whatever he is) Sam owns the Lucky Dragon Casino. Is that right? Sam is Catharine's DAD, and I don't know the answer, but good thinking!
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleOne03 Ok, thanks to my daughter's unintentional bump of the mouse, I discovered that you can right click on the picture and zoom in. Makes everything (including the magnifying box) bigger. This can be done more than once.... Back to lurking. hehehehe still not seeing anything new, but that totally rocks..lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Debstmomy On the seeing faces....I do not see a face in the window of the door...but I do see one in the slot machines. Anyone else??? Nope, i just see a dragon and the words 'lucky dragon'.
Wow, now I'm definately seeing 2 faces. One in the upper left corner, it's smaller, and seems farther away, ya know? And the other seems larger and toward the bottom right corner, but taking up more of the window if that makes sense. I cannot make out this one, but the other does look like Brass. I'm probably seeing things...lol
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