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I gave away all my maternity clothes about 3 months ago. Of course. LOL I should have known when i gave it all away, that i would wind up pregnant. LOL I dont have a lot of money to spend, so this last paycheck i bought a belly band, and i plan to buy a differetn color during our next pay period. I will try to just wear my regular clothes, and maybe get a couple shirts. I dont want to go all out. It seems this will be the last baby for us. maybe. LOL
my morning sickness hit hard right before 6 weeks. with my girls i started morning sickness around 6 weeks, and with my sons, i never really had much. just a few waves of nausea here and there
i am sorry!
I am 6 weeks I think. I am feeling very sick! and it is all the time. It is reassuring a bit though. I am dealing with insomnia at night, which is driving me nuts. I really want to sleep. Nursing and being pregnant is a first for me, so i think i am having some different symptoms because of it. I am starving all the time. I have to eat almost every hour. and i am very, very thirsty. I am trying to find us a new house to live in, so it is keeping me pretty busy. I am...
i am 6 weeks, and nursing DS 11 months. THis is my first time of nursing while pregnant. My breasts are starting to get very sore. DS is nursing about 10 times a day, and it is getting rather painful. I do feel a drop in my supply, but part of that i think is due to the fact he was recently very sick and hospitalized, and didnt nurse well for over 2 weeks, then i found out i was pregnant. Other than the pain, i am hungry like a big dog. I have to eat, every hour to 2...
umm cheesecake. I had 2 entire cheesecakes, the week before i knew i was pregnant. in my defense. they were small ones. LOL I cant stand chicken, the smell, the look, the thought. YUCK. and my DH bought me chocolate, and i cant do it. I hope that passes. Chocolate keeps mama happy.
I plan on knitting, once i am reassured baby will be OK. I only learned to knit while pregnant with my son, a little over a year ago. I have never had to knit super cute, newborn longies.... I cant wait! and i have so much yarn! YAY! once i use it up, i can get more!
i am due around dec 20, i think. I always go over. I have never gone early. i have been induced on due date, induced 3 days late, natural labor 5 days late, then induction 2 weeks late( with no sign of impending birth, and a baby 2 lbs bigger than my others, and he had a broken collar bone and i a broken tail bone. LOL It needed to be done) This time i have no clue, but i figure i will go over again. and i will just have to deal. If baby picks Christmas day to be...
i am going to the OB next week. I will be 7 1/2 weeks. Although, i have a crazy pregnancy history. I am on pregnancy number 14. I have 4 living children, 5 stillborn, and many early miscarriages. I feel better, looking at the baby, confirming a heart beat, then i am good, until the second trimester. My OB tollerates my strange schedule well. I will start seeing my midwife, if all is going well, around 35 weeks. I know and love her, but with OB care in the beginning,...
congrats to all the twin moms. My kids keep telling me, this time i am having a boy and a girl. LOL I dont know about that, but i do have my suspicions. I think it is my kids that have my going nuts though, obsessing i am having twins. I have my first doc appt next wed, and he will likely do an us, because i am unsure of my due date. So my questions will be answered then.
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