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Quote: Originally Posted by amanda721 I heard that Zoloft has nasty sexual sidefects, That wome who take it are unable to have what i call a big " O ". Is that true, I am about to get on something Monday,so I wanted some kind of idea as to what i am getting myself into. I think it's very individual. It's never been a problem for me.
Just wanted to let you all know that she got it done yesterday and it went great. We did it at a good piercing/tatoo place. I am so happy we did it there and not with that dreadful gun at the mall. Thanks for all your imput. It really helped! Alison
I decided I'm going to take her to a piercing/tatoo place. I talked to a place that sounded very knowledgable. It doesn't sound like they have any rules about age. The woman said as long as my dd is comfortable with the situation and not going to freak out, then it's fine. She said they use titanium hoops because it's better for keeping them clean and to keep the earrings moving. Does that sound right, for all you knowledgeable about piercing? It sounded good to me,...
Thanks for all of your replies, Mama's. Weebitty, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, we live on the other side of the state from where the 3 APP one's are. Hmm. I'll call the peds office, but I bet they will think I'm a nutcase. Alison
My dd wants her ears pierced for her birthday next week. From what I've read on MDC over the years it seems that the mall type places with the gun are not the best option. Where do you get it done with a needle? At a piercing/tatoo place? One friend suggested I do it myself, but no way could I do it. I had mine done as a kid at the mall and they were mostly fine but it seems like those guns would be more likely to cause trauma to the tissue than a needle. Any...
Sound like fruit flies. They aren't a problem for the worm bin. Mine has tons of them right now too. There seem to be lots in the summer and they aren't an issue in the winter.
wolfmama, I think that you have a very sensitive boy. I think that when we act out or behave inappropriately our kids pick up on that, but I think that anxiety isn't necessarily something we are modelling to our kids as it is an internal process. My kids usually don't notice when I'm anxious except when I sometimes will say that I don't feel well. My oldest dd (8) is very sensitive as well and is very tuned in to how I feel. I try to be as even as I can around her. ...
I would take them out now. There are tons of things they can do besides having you actively give them lessons. Even helping you with the baby would be a great learning experience. Follow their lead and see what they are interested in studying and have them go for it. My 8 yr old dd pretty much does her own thing. We do stuff together but she decides what she is interested in and does it when she wants to.
When my dh got totally fed up with the fruit flies last week, he got out the vacuum and used the hose to vacuum them up. It didn't take too long and worked well until I bought a bunch of overripe peaches and now their back. They are so light he didn't even have to get that close to them with the hose to suck them up.
Quote: Originally Posted by HokieMum While I was growing up, my parents took us everywhere with them. My first trip to Europe was when I was 17 months old. They joke that they put the travel bug in us at an early age! My parents did that to me too!! Most of my travelling was as a child, although I've travelled a bit as an adult as well. When I was 5 we spent 2 yrs. driving from London to South Africa, so drove through Europe and many...
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