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Both of my girls used one. Mainly because I had overactive letdown and a huge milk supply, so if they wanted to suck for comfort but weren't hungry, then they wouldn't get lots milk they didn't want. It would give them a belly ache and then they'd be sad. I was determined not to have an older baby or toddler who used a pacifier and was ready to just take it away when necessary, but both of them spit it out and never wanted it again by about 5 months. I think primarily...
I order my seeds online from Pinetree Garden Seeds. Their website is: www.superseeds.com I've also ordered from various other places. Territorial Seeds is good. Another one that looks good, but I haven't ordered from is The Cook's Garden, www.cooksgarden.com There are tons, you could do a websearch. Alison
We were all set to come in December for 4 weeks and at the last minute we decided that the kids and I would stay home. My dh will be going still. I'm kicking myself in some ways for not going, but we just didn't want to spend the money right now. The airfares were amazing, though. $800 from Salt Lake City to Chch! Now, it too late to change my mind as they are up to $1600, but we really are in need of a new stove and my parents are going to come get their furniture...
Let's see...I'm excited because I have been moving toward a self seeding garden and I think it will be even better next year. THis year I had very early spinach and lettuce and a volunteer pumkin that has produced 5 large pumkins (this must have been from that halloween pumpkin I threw on the compost as I didn't grow pumpkins last year), several tomatoes and cukes and a huge sunflower patch which has provided great bird habitat. I just love how every year my garden is...
Hey oceanmomma, I've read her stuff, but haven't implemented it. How's things on the under side. Spring is on it's way for you! Your mulch sounds awesome. Wish we had seaweed around these parts. Alison
I'm a student and work as a reading aide in my younger dd's class (she doesn't hs) and my dh works full time, but it works out. Sometimes I feel like my older, hsing dd gets hauled around a lot, but she is so happy to be hsing and not in school, that she really doesn't mind. It was a little rocky getting into a routine but once we did it has gone more smoothly.
Thanks for your replies. They made me feel better. I'm still trying to decide what to do. My current med, Zoloft, is working fine right now, but hadn't been. It's hard to know whether to change or not, esp. when I feel okay right now. I hate the thought of "starting over", even though it might be beneficial. Anyone else??
I just read the thread a page or two back about weaning off effexor and it scared me. I'm starting to think that I don't want to change... Yikes.
I'm about to switch to effexor, actually Cymbalta, which is very new, but closely related to effexor. I'm curious what you thought of it. I know each antidepressant affects everyone differently, but want to hear how you liked it anyway. Has anyone tried Cymbalta? It's very similar to effexor. Kind of how Celexa is to Lexapro. TIA, Alison
I would talk about it in terms of feelings as well. I've had to explain to my very inquisitive 8 yr old why I go see a pyschiatrist. I explained it in terms of some docs being for when your body is not feeling well and that some docs are for when you aren't feeling well inside, like feeling sad or worried about something, and that they can help you feel better by talking about the things that make you feel sad, worried, etc. I would use very simple terms and...
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