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You described my 6 yr old to a tee. She stopped using diapers during the day around the age of 2, but has always peed (alot) at night. We also use pull-ups and until recently they've always been very full in the morning. I attribute the night wetting to two things mainly. One, she's also a very heavy sleeper and just doesn't wake up to pee, even taking her to the toilet doesn't work as she cannot wake up to go. Two, she often drinks a lot of water before bed. Because...
Sierra, I noticed that she hadn't posted for awhile before the boards went down and have been wondering where she is, too. I hope all is okay with her. Alison
busymommy, The garlic mullein oil does go directly into the ear, it's not an essential oil. It's olive oil usually. The garlic does help fight the infection. It's has antibiotic properties. Rosebud, I hope you find something that works. What a difficult situation. Is there a town anywhere near by with a chiro you could use. The adjustments are usually a week apart, so maybe it would be worth the drive. Good luck. Alison
My kids have never had chronic ear infections, but occasional ones here and there. A couple thoughts: If you haven't read, "how to have a healthy child inspite of your doctor", the author, Dr. Mendelsohn has some great insights. It was either that book or another one I had (can't remember the name now) that said that 75% of children with chronic ear infections whose docs are recommending tubes can avoid tubes by removing dairy from their diet. The other thing I would...
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