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I keep my kitchen waste in a container in my kitchen until I get around to dealing with it, usually a week or so. I feed the worms from that when I think about it, usually once a week. What I don't give them I put in my compost pile outside. It's a very flexible system. They get fed when/what they get fed and they are happy thriving worms. The best book for worm composting would be: Worms eat my garbage by Mary Appelhof. Her website:...
Quote: Originally Posted by daria Sorry the thread is scaring you, mom at home. I don't know what the statistics are on the age when kids typically grow out of it. I do recall reading somewhere that 2% of adult males wet the bed. From my own experience with my family members, if my son were wetting past age 5 or so I don't think I would be comfortable with trying to wait for him to grow out of it. I feel like I would want to be pretty aggressive with...
Go for it. You can put just about everything on. The only thing I don't put on is meat and anything that is too cheesy, but everything else goes on including dryer lint, dog hair, rabbit poop, old bread and all veggie and fruit matter. Yogurt is great for the compost, as is molasses, comfrey leaves, rhubard leaves... Get a book on composting. Some things are not only okay, but really great for your compost pile. Don't be shy, throw it on and soon it will be soil!!
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkHorseMama A I have to admit though...my mom's belly used to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid. :LOL I think mine scares my kids, too, though they do like to use it as a pillow and tell me lovingly how soft and big and squishy it is. Uh, thanks, sweetie... (But I know they truly mean it.)
My dh started refusing to do my first dd when she was 6. I kept on at her request until she was 7. My second dd is 6 and still wants me to do it, so I do, but my dh doesn't think we should. Whatever. I don't really mind and she feels very strongly about having help, so I don't feel like it's a big deal.
This thread is scaring me. I didn't realize this could go on until 12 or 14. My 8.5 yr old dd night wets often. Sometimes she'll stay dry for a week or two and sometimes she'll wet every night for 2 weeks. She's also a very deep sleeper and rarely ever wakes up at night. I don't know if this is the reason or not. She usually stays dry if we take her to the bathroom before we go to bed, but not always. The whole thing is such a pain. She is similar in terms of...
Emma wasn't that popular of a name when she was born 8 yrs ago, but it is now. I just like the older names, but I guess lots of others do as well. My 6 yr old is Tess, which I just love. I have yet to meet another Tess.
Hey Lori, You can use either newspaper, cardboard, or grocery bags. The newspaper print is fine, it's soy based. Just don't use the glossy pages, the ink on those have heavy metals. Cardboard actually doesn't take very long to break down. I used a combo of newspaper and cardboard and it wasn't long before I had worms in my beds that had come from below the cardboard.
We got our cable disconnected a few weeks ago and get no reception otherwise. Yippee! I see no redeeming value in what's on tv. My younger dd was the only one who ever watched and she wanted to a lot. She still watches videos occasionally, but we own very few and don't go to the video store often. I don't know why we waited so long. It's been such a good thing.
I don't use a container, but have a fenced off compost area within our backyard so the dog doesn't snack. We don't have other critters such as racoons so I don't know how to deal with that. I have 3 piles going at once, so that they get rotated so the done compost doesn't get mixed with the unfinished. But I have used different types of containers in past. A three-sided wooden container (pallets work well -you need something that allows airflow) so that it's easy to...
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