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All these court dismissals are because the people bringing the cases "have no standing", what does that mean? How can someone bringing a case against someone who has circumcised her son against her will have no standing? Good luck to people though, maybe if enough people like this without standing keep bring cases, it might occur to someone that things have gone very badly wrong.
I'm wondering about the reason the adult "had" to have a circ. was it phimosis? http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...full/102/4/e43 If it was, circ is not the way to go, US doctors are far too quick to amputate. If he had been living in Europe, there is a good chance that the subject wouldn't even come up, it's very much a last resort here. Our men are intact and simply do not have problems, it seems American doctors are giving bad advice and parents are probably...
That's just......horrific. How on earth can that be legal? And what on earth are the hospitals/doctors thinking of? They have a child fighting for his life and they circumcise him? That's scraping the barrel of wickedness in my view.
Hi Bunniemunch, Nice to see you here too.
Hi Brenna, Nice to see you
Hi, I've been lurking here for a while now, ever since the (stunned) discovery that Americans routinely circumcise their children, due to the acquisition of an American boyfriend. I've been through the full gamut of emotions, from total horror, to "how can I help those poor helpless children?". I thought maybe the best way of helping might be to try and find other stats and links that undermine the (warped at best) reasons that parents are given in order to persuade...
New Posts  All Forums: