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Good for you! This is YOUR birth - she is supposed to be there FOR you - to support and uplift you ... she should not be telling you what you should do, or advising you on when you should need medical equipment, etc.
I cleaned the scissors and embroidery floss (they had been in a pretty messy sewing drawer ) and had towels, etc (clean ones, not ones strait from the laundry hamper :LOL ) ... other than that, we didn't do any specific cleaning or sterilizing for the birth. I may have rinsed out the birth pool before filling it but don't remember. I'm not sure of your situation but would honestly question whether I wanted a doula at my birth if SHE was so concerned about HER...
Welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's so exciting! I'm also expecting my fifth baby (in December) ... this will be my second unassisted birth. I had two medical/hospital births, one natural hospital birth (is that an oxymoron? LOL) and one UC water birth. You can guess which was best!
Hi Amy! I try to keep "Mamaperk" on most of my boards so people will recognize me. How are your adorable kiddos doing?
This is my second UP/UC and I must say, taking care of my own prenatal care (via excellent nutrition, exercise, rest, bonding and praying) was one of the absolute BEST parts about my last pregnancy. It wasn't always easy ... I had to really pay attention to my cravings and 'symptoms' but felt much more free and liberated in taking full responsiblity for my care.
Congrats!!! I can relate to the shock instead of party. Well, actually most people were thrilled and praising us ... but my poor Dh got an earful when he called and proudly annouced it to his mother. She flipped on him ... he never did tell me all she said, but I could tell by his whole demeanor that he went from Cloud Nine to feeling like a child. Needless to say we haven't even shared our happy news of Baby #5.
My DH was really nervous about the idea of UC with my 4th pregnancy ... it wasn't until the last week or so that he actually picked up New Nativity II and started reading birth stories ... and then it was only a few stories that were near nightstand. He tends to really freak out when anyone in his family gets hurt or sick, so it was a constant worry for me. I prayed about that one thing more than anything else during my pregnancy ... I just didn't want him causing...
Carrie, Congratulations! How has the response been to your good news? I braced myself for people's negative reactions but pretty much, people have surprised me and been happy for us. We haven't shared our news with too many from DH's family though ... his mother will be negative and he doesn't feel like dealing with it, so he's just not telling her yet. Mostly people have been excited for us - especially at the thought of a Christmastime baby.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Laura, thanks for the new link to my birth story. I completely forgot that you are redoing the website! Tracy ... :::: waving :::: nice to see you. :LOL teachinmaof3, Aurora, amyjeans, nice to 'meet' you. Zamba, Laura sent the new link to my birth story so I hope you have a chance to read it. I don't know why it took this long to get my tush over here to this board! I'm a UC addict!!!
Hello! I'm Sherry and this is my first post on the Mothering.com UC board ... I am currently pregnant with our 5th baby - due somewhere around 12/21 (Merry Christmas!) ... we're planning our second unassisted pregnancy and birth. You can read our first UC baby's birth story here: http://ucbirth.com/dylan.htm I look forward to getting to know all of the other UC Mamas on this board!
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