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Thanks. Just wondering about safety and paypal with my usual checking account and debit card. I've heard of some controversy about this. Is there a risk of id theft or fraud or something? Sorry to sound so naive...totally new to paypal.
Hi twilight girl, You are asking WWYD, so here's what I would do: SKIP IT. That much apparent drama and weakness in the administration is a strong indicator of more underlying dysfunction where that came from. Unfortunately, I've heard stories like this countless times and I've seen it personally...egos butt heads in the administration/college/board...and those with more power or sway want to control everything...and sometimes certainly do. Unless you have trusted...
I've never done this. Is it true you have to have a credit card as opposed to just a debit card?? TIA!!
I'm interested in making my own banner and I'm wondering how this is done? I have hit and miss technical skils... TIA!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by karne Bean, it's all about revisionist history, isn' it....your school created the reality they needed, not the reality that actually happened. Makes me so mad that people like you can be treated like this. It doesn't quite jive with the love-in that is usually presented as a part of waldorf. No one can take the true essence of you away, and you made a difference with the children, and represented a strong woman and...
Quote: Originally Posted by beansavi Sounds like he is pretty much entrenched within the waldorf and anthroposphical movements, then. : Yes indeed. In my experience, not with a flexible sensibililty in his approach.
Essential readings for anyone interested in exploring this academically, statistically, or because of personal issues: The Batterer as Parent Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men When Dad Hurts Mom. Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse All by Lundy Bancroft, Batterer as Parent co-written by Jay Silverman If you are shopping for a private court evaluator/consultant and you have been a victim of domestic violence, ask if...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot Once again...how does arguing about which gender gets screwed more often in court help anyone? It perpetuates the gender conflicts and is as good for our children as pitting them against the other parent in court. Currently there are mothers getting screwed and fathers getting screwed....but most of all, in all this fighting, cultural gender conflicts and *needing to be right*....CHILDREN CONTINUE TO BE...
Thank you. This is what I was looking for..."One True Church". Disheartening for me, but I'm pleased to know that I was on the right track with my understanding. Any other "cliff notes" greatly appreciated for the sake of more clarity!
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