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Best of luck to you. Do you have a garden? I'm amazed how much fresh produce can come from $10 worth of seeds, even in a small space. In the summer you can build amazing meals around what's growing and even feed the freezer for later.
Salt water systems are actually salt water chlorine generators. The pools aren't chlorine free, you just never put chlorine into them—it is created by electrolysis when the salt water passes over the cell in the chlorine generator. We converted our pool a couple of years ago and it is so much nicer. The system works really well. The water feels nice, our eyes don't burn and our hair doesn't turn green.
That is so funny. White bread, processed meat and what appears to be American style cheese food product, and they're concerned about what it's wrapped in? Also, all those ingredients come from the store in plastic, so what's another 4 hours in the lunchbox?
Amazon has Britax at up to 20% off right now. http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.htm...5PWEMX7JTAK5XK
I bet it's fixable. They'll probably be able to sister some new framing along the damaged parts. Just be glad you found it now, and not after a structural failure.
They should send you a 1099 form showing what they paid you in 2008.
Amen, Velochic. Amen.
I put them in the little mesh bag that garlic comes in and tie it closed. Makes a nice body scrubber to use in the shower.
Many municipalities have made property value adjustments as they acknowledge current real estate values. That lower number is saving you money on your property taxes. Don't try to get it changed! If you refinance, the lender will have your property appraised and that's the number they will use.
They'll perk right up if you stick them in a bowl of water overnight.
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