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I hate both the flavor and texture of fondant. Bleh. I love watching the show, though.
Back when the rules were set, the ink and paper were different. The ink was more likely to soak through the paper, thus the blotter on the desk. That made it difficult to read the letter if both sides were used. We don't really have that problem now. Save a tree. Use both sides!
Use cold ingredients to keep the tortillas from getting soggy as they freeze. So make a big batch of beans and a big batch of rice and stick them in the fridge overnight before assembling.
I saved enough for a down payment on a mobile home and lived in it for five years. It was better than renting, because we had something to sell at the end. I stayed in that until I had enough equity to sell it and get the 20% down I needed for a starter home. Lived in that one for 6 years, accelerating the equity payments the whole time. Finally sold that one to buy the home we're in, which will probably be our last. I say if you can't afford to buy a home, it's not the...
AfricanQueen99, I really, really urge you to look closer at your paperwork. I know people often think they're refinancing "for nothing" but that's not the case. Various fees just get rolled into the new mortgage amount. And keep in mind that whenever you refinance, the 30-year clock starts over. One of my closest friends used to say the exact same thing you're saying. Exact. Now she realizes they were being taken advantage of.
I'd wait and watch a little while.
Anything you can do to speed up that travel reimbursement? Your employer should be understanding. You're not a bank and they're not paying you interest, are they?
They definitely have staples there. I often stop just for milk, eggs, butter, bread, etc.
I definitely would not do it.
By not paying you, she violated the terms of your employment and, in effect, let you go. You can't be expected to stay without a paycheck. Fingers crossed for you!
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