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I used to always do the starch and fabric thing! As a renter, I used it to cover ugly paneling. It also works on glass! I used it to put shapes on a glass sliding door so you'd know it's there, and to cover windows so nobody could see in. It's also fun to apply lacy fabric to glass. Cut the fabric a little big, smooth it on with the starch, and wait to do the final cut with a blade and straight-edge when it's dry. Totally fun!
I give the wet shirts a good snap and put them on hangers to dry. Works really well.
Do they know your situation? Can you move in with them and rent out the house you're in? Or move them in with you for a while and rent it to someone else? Desparate times call for desparate measures. If they can't pay you, they can't pay ANY landlord, so they need to make a change.
Make flyers that say, "Handyman available TODAY! Experienced construction worker available now while between projects. Get out your fix-it list and call me today! Great rates, great attitude." Take them through the neighborhood, put them up all over town, and post on CraigsList.
I would love for the connection to the magazine to be clear and for everyone joining MDC to understand what Mothering Magazine is and what it stands for before activating an account.
Well, unless you cash out, you haven't lost any money. You've lost share value. Some people like to buy shares when the value is low and stick it out until the value rises... assuming it's a decent investment, which is a tough call these days. If you're not in a position to risk and hold, and you have immediate need for the money you have coming in, I'd say the market's not the place for you right now. Like they say about visiting Las Vegas, don't take more than you can...
I remind myself that it's not dollars, it's shares. A dollar buys more shares now than it used to. It's still gambling, of course, since the companies we're investing in have to survive in order to return to growth paths, but there's definitely some serious opportunity here.
I finally got up my guts to write "the letter." Now I just have to find the guts to mail it. Here it is. Wish me luck. Quote: Dear Family, Each day we are reminded of how incredibly fortunate we are. We have our families, our good health, a home and the peace of mind that allows us to enjoy and appreciate it all. We are happy to say that we truly have enough. This has led us to reconsider how we celebrate the holidays. We have decided that the way we...
Amy, we're not related, but we're obviously soul sisters. Tell her she's not alone. What a thing to bond over. Sigh.
I've been wanting to do this for so long. I finally got up the guts to mention it to my SIL the other day. My idea was that we'd still buy gifts for kids. Instead of gifts for adults, we'd each do something nice for a stranger (volunteer somewhere, donate something, etc.). Then, during the time we normally open gifts, we'd open our hearts instead, by taking turns telling about what we did, who benefited, how it felt, etc. I thought it would not only illustrate the true...
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