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For indoor drying, I hang things on hangers spaced a few inches apart, hung on a rod in laundry room. I do this outside, too, sometimes. It's great. I end up with fewer wrinkles, and when they're dry, they're ready to go into the closet. (Well, most of them. Some things come off the hangers and go into drawers.)
Are you sure you could do option 3? Where I live, there are lots of restrictions and costs involved in dividing a parcel. You might wanna check. If you're in an area with a decent demand for housing, another option is to do a "pull-out." Buy an old mobilehome in a nice park, send it to the recyclers, and put your home on the space, since it's still new enough to be moved into most park communities. Then sell it. In areas with few mh parks, a mh in a space sells for way...
I'd try Bac-out.
There are a ton of people discussing all aspects of Ikea kitchens at: http://www.ikeafans.com/forums/kitchen-planning/
I have a lot of friends with degrees they don't use. Before deciding, I'd run numbers for everything. Classes, books, gas to attend, opportunity cost (is there something else you'd be doing with that time that would benefit you more?), childcare, any additional expenses you'd incur by being really busy, like more convenience foods, etc. How long will you have to work to make up for the cost of the degree? What's the difference between the earning potential of the...
Quote: all of the things that add up and make them unprepared kmeyrick, I have those friends, too. Sadly, the people I know experiencing financial difficulties or foreclosures now ARE the ones who have failed to plan or save. They spent it all (and then some) assuming there were better days ahead. "He'll get a raise next year and I'll pay off the credit cards then." "I know we shouldn't go on this vacation, but our home equity line has such a good...
Quote: 12' B/W TV Well, with a twelve foot TV, you wouldn't really have room for anything else!
Also, if you ever let a load soak, the oil that comes out of laundry can float to the top. Then any clothes poking through the waterline can end up grabbing the oil.
Lots of great ideas here. A toaster oven comes in handy, too. Less space to heat=less heat in the house. You can make a bunch of burritos to keep in the freezer. Beans, rice, cheese, salsa. Roll 'em up, wrap 'em in foil, and you're set. And don't forget "snack night." A big tray of fruit, veggies, cheeses, nuts, olives, whole grain crackers, etc. It's also nice to make things fun. Mix a few juices with sparkling water and serve it in fancy glasses with a sprig of mint...
You did her a huge favor by having a frank discussion with her.
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