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Quote: I personally wouldn't talk about how love factors in 'cause I think that it sound unnecessarily judgemental. I didn't say, "They give him stuff instead of love" or and that's definitely not what I meant. I guess you read it that way. Luckily ds didn't take it that way. We do focus on filling our house with love and laughter. When that's our focus, other stuff pales in comparison.
I saw her speak in San Luis Obispo. She was hilarious.
I have access to a local mortgage default list. I keep seeing names of people I know on it, including a coworker and neighbors. I just saw a local business owner at a Chamber of Commerce mixer. He acted like life was great and business was good. When I came home I saw his name on the default list. Looks like he refinanced to start his business, since the loan date coincides with the launch of his venture. He pulled $800,000 out of his house, can't pay it back and is...
I agree that your son will understand if you talk to him. I've been there. I explained that people make different choices about how to live and our family has decided to focus on filling the house with more love, not more stuff. I explained that we actually could have all the same stuff the other family has, but it would mean me working full time to buy it. We talked about how that would change our lives. We also talked about how some people go into debt for "stuff"...
Here in California, grass-fed beef farmers are in trouble due to the drought. They're already slaughtering early because there's nothing left for the cattle to eat. Sounds like it's a good time to be a vegetarian!
Actually, I think that if prices for feedlot beef go up, grassfed prices will probably increase as well, since demand will go up.
Rocksmom, do you work for them? I'm always curious when a first post sounds like a commercial. Makes me think somebody checked their web stats, saw where the hits were coming from and decided to maximize the word-of-mouth publicity. KWIM?
Are you making long-term plans, too? Retirement, college, etc.? Google "savings calculator." Then show him how much $500/month could turn into if it was invested. Maybe he'd understand what he's actually wasting. Also, you could do some research about the decreasing value of the boat. Couldn't he rent a boat when he needs one for less than it's costing every month for upkeep, insurance, dock fees, etc.?
Are you trying to get us to your website?
Make ice cream! Put your ingredients in a smaller one and put the lid on. Put a little ice in the bottom of a larger one, then put the small one in it and pack ice and salt around the small one. Put the lid on the big one and have the kids roll it around the yard for 20 minutes or so. Then tear it open, rinse the salt off the small can, and dig in!!
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