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There were some great links in a recent thread about this. Probably worth poking around for!
This explains how to safely use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide as a one-two punch for disinfecting. http://www.michaelandjudystouffer.co...es/vinegar.htm
Quote: So, the oil goes rancid. And? I'd rather have some oxidized oil in my board than petroleum products. ;-) Just mentioning that there were better, more stable non-petroleum-based-oil choices. The word "rancid" just kinda squigs me out. And I don't like the odor.
Most vegetable oils, including olive oil, can go rancid. Coconut oil is pretty stable, as are nut oils like almond and walnut. Of course, you have to make sure you don't endanger any guests who may have nut allergies. The trick I learned from my dad is to seal cutting boards with beeswax and oil. Melt some beeswax in a double boiler or microwave and mix in oil, then rub it into the wood. Put a few layers on. It works great!
Have you talked to your other neighbors? Are other people having trouble with him?
We had a mentally ill neighbor. Started out fine, then he got slowly more delusional and confrontational. It got really bad. He ended up killing himself and two others in a Denny's. Turns out our names were on a hit list the police found in his car. I'm not telling you this to freak you out. I'm telling you this as a way of saying "Trust your gut!"
We have a Neuton cordless electric. It's great. Cute, too! It doesn't cut as short as our gas mower did, but that's not really a problem. Well worth the trade off for the clean air and low noise. You can actually have a conversation while it's running.
I would read that link Vanessa posted if you haven't yet.
I do what Traceface does. Works great! Bring it back to life with a quick dip in some hot water and you're good to go.
Ours are in one of those big mesh bags that oranges come in. We hang it from a S-shaped shower curtain hook on the shower curtain rod. That way the water that drips off of them drains back into the tub. They're off the floor and the air flow in the bag helps keep them from getting icky.
New Posts  All Forums: