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I freeze it in a muffin tin, then pop them out and store them in a freezer bag. I like it because they're just the right size for a serving. I can put one in a container in ds's lunch bag and by lunch time it's thawed but still cold.
We LOVE the saltwater system! It is way less work than the old chlorine system. The generator monitors the saline level, so we never have to deal with chemicals. If it tells us to add salt, we do, but that's rare. Other than that, it's typical maintenance -- run the pump a lot, clean/change filter, vacuum bottom, skim for debris. If you're thinking of getting an auto-vacuum, read the reviews at epinions and other online sites before you choose. You will LOVE the water...
I have a Fagor, too. Love it.
What can you do to contribute to and improve the nearby school? Do you know other parents in the area who are willing to be members of a can-do community and pitch in to make your neighborhood school all it can be? Remember, there are no problems, only challenges—and challenges are opportunities. Go for it!
You can grow so many green beans in so little space. We grow ours up a chain link gate we found on the curb and shoved in the ground. We freeze enough to last all year. Also, cucumbers, if you like to make pickles. We grow ours up the small fence we installed to keep the dog out of the garden. (Before the cucumbers go in, we can plant peas there during the cooler season.) We also grow greens in a trough and a tub. In the ground there are herbs, peppers and tomatoes. We...
The Intex saltwater system is great. It's nearly $200, but worth every penny. Google it!
Were you unaware of the terms when you signed the paperwork?
The people managing my retirement fund accounts have years of education and experience. They do this stuff all day, every day. I'll let the fund managers handle it. I agree that he should do some "virtual" (non-funded) investing for a while to see how it goes.
Read the consumer reviews at http://www.edmunds.com/nissan/quest/...merreview.html
New Posts  All Forums: