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Okay, not to throw cold water on the thread, but quorn freaks me out. It's not mushrooms, it's a fungus-y, mold-like substance grown in giant tanks. Check out: http://www.commondreams.org/news2002/0501-01.htm http://www.cspinet.org/quorn/ My latest food find is the smokey onion mustard at Trader Joe's. Oh, a grilled cheese made with this is a delight.
At last, people who understand where I'm coming from!! I love my simple life. My family is happy and healthy. We enjoy life so much we don't have to try to spend our way out of misery like we see so many people doing. I wish they could see we live this way because it's a full and rewarding life, not because we're poor. They can keep their trophy furniture and fancy dinners. Our slipcovered couch and home-grown lettuce suits us just fine. So, what have I gained? The...
Personally, I couldn't get rid of the dog. But if you must, tell the truth. Ask for his help in finding a nice way to say goodbye to the dog -- a special new toy for the dog to take with him, a card, etc. Tell your son about the great new home the dog will have. And be prepared to help him deal with his loss for a little while. It will be very real for him. And then distract the heck out of him!!
Are other people being trained, too? If so, they'd all have to agree to move the time, and I'd be hesitant to ask them to accomodate me. I'd wanna go with the flow and save the MommyCard for when I really really need it. If you're the only one receiving the training, you can casually ask about a time change pretty easily without it sounding like whining. But I would keep my commitment about the class. (What's the duration and frequency of the classes?Daily? Weekly? For a...
Do you have a farm supply store nearby? They usually have all kinds of cool promotional posters and they replace them pretty often.
A dimmer switch for the bedroom light with a note saying your dh will install it. Astroglide for umm, well, someday she'll feel like doing it again, and many nursing moms don't understand that things are a little different for a while. The Nursing Mothers Companion, by Kathleen Huggins. I liked the LLL book, but this one has more hard info you need in the middle of the night. Really nice cloth nursing pads. Permission to sit around with her boobs hanging out.
Crackers are easy to make, too! I bet Cathe would be willing to give you a quick and easy recipe. Even if you don't use it for your party, wouldn't it be nice to have crackers again!? Oh, and you can make hummus with cooked white beans. I'm so hungry just reading this thread. I'd better go have a snack.
It's easy to make hummus, if you're interested. Tons of recipes online for it. A whole grain salad is always nice with quiche. Use whatever grains you have, cook until soft. Marinate a bunch of veggies in whatever type of salad dressing you like, then toss the veggies and marinade with the cooked grains and refrigerate until serving. You can make little fruit tarts on whole wheat pizza dough for dessert. Toss the fruit in a little honey and fruit juice, drain. Make...
If we're not counting mortgages, we are DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dh and ds used to do this all the time. I worried because it meant ds was sleeping on his tummy. I must admit, it's a wonderfully snuggly and comfy way to snooze. To add to my new-mom paranoia, then a coworker's friend fell asleep with his baby on his chest in an armchair and the baby slipped down between the man and the chair. When the man woke up, his baby was dead. One of the saddest things I've ever heard.
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