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I was in the same situation about a year ago. Our mediator did not work for us, so we had a Guardian Ad Litem appointed. I also convinced my ex to attend counseling with a family therapist, who was able to educate him about developmental stages of children. He wound up agreeing that it was best if our daughter did not have overnights until she was done breastfeeding, AND had been given a VERY gradual introduction to visitations. The visitation you describe seems very...
I went to one well baby check up and haven't returned - dd is 21 months old. I do sometimes wonder what kind of response I will get when I do take her in some day when she's very ill. I have made it my business to know what is developmentally appropriate for each of her stages and so far she's on target, so I've seen no reason to go to these appointments. Mary
ladybug- Know anyone that would want to 'share' a nanny? 3 kids w/one nanny might be a good deal? Mary
Looks like Vern's the man . . . he's my favorite too. The builder (Ty?) is pretty sexy . . . Mary
Amy Mama -- I thought your post was VERY funny and obviously meant to be so - I could have posted it myself, except I would have added ' . . . men with an excellent sense of fashion' Mary
Maurica, I am so thrilled for you! I can just read in your post how happy you are and how good you feel about this newly worked out schedule. Good for you!! (I'm a little envious as well! ) Your daughter will really benefit. Mary
FlickervilleMom so glad Mary is feeling better - and hoping the other one didn't develop something major! By the way, your daughter has such a beautiful name! Take care - Mary
jeanie (Elismama), I love This American Life too! The one about the Tooth Fairy is brilliant . . . What a great idea to read Sedaris aloud to one another. I'll have to try that one, it's sounds like great fun. Mary
Having lived in Seattle through my twenties and the height of the 'grunge rock' era, this one hits close. Alice in Chains is probably the most respected of those bands from that period (in Seattle anyway). I remember knowing about Layne's drug addiction years ago . . . it's so sad, we've lost so many to heroin. Mary
Quote: I think all the research that finds that kids from single parent families don't do as well are confounding single parenthood with poverty and/or stress. Raven67 - those 'studies' are a very hot topic for me! They do NOT take a multitude of variables into consideration, which is ESSENTIAL for accurate reporting. Not only do these studies ignore economic status and level of education, but geographic location as well. Not to mention a host of...
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