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Why Homeschool?     My two youngest are now 6 and 7, DH and I had planned on homeschooling since before they were born. Homeschooling allows us freedom to pursue parallel  interests, to move ahead, to focus on something a bit longer; it affords me daily quality time with my children and allows us all the excitement of discovery.
I think one issue here may be that our new home is on this quiet little island in Washington, everyone here refers to living on "island time" and I'm still a New Yorker - I'm very go-go-go, let's plan it now, extremely organized type. This has been my personality and I don't see much of a change taking place for me. But I'm trying to meet people. Every week, we go to farmers markets and chat with people. I am a birth doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator and,...
I certified with CBI as well. I love that I was able to create my own class format.
We moved out of Jersey City almost six years ago, so things have probably changed since then. Where in J.C. are you? If you're near the Path you can take that into New York and then take the light rail into Edgewater to the Whole Foods there. Or just stay in the city and shop. You could get off the path at 14th St. and 6th Ave., walk 3 blocks west or so, and you're in Union Square and there's a huge Whole Foods there, the Union Square farmer's market, a 4 floor Barnes...
I get a lot of compliments from older people - anywhere from "You've truly been blessed" to "It's obvious that you're a wonderful parent; your children are so happy." I'm an older-ish mom - 37 with two little ones, and I have never interpreted any comment I've gotten as condescending. I give compliments too, since I know how it can really make your day - but I never say anything generic. I think the fact that you're concerned about potentially coming across as...
When I originally posted this, I thought that it would get maybe one or two responses. I had no idea this was such a commonplace issue. So, please know, everyone, I'm thankful to you for writing, and I'm also so sorry if you're having the same problem. (((hugs)))
Quote: I would act sort of mystified and horrified and just ask, "What do you mean by that!?" I think such an overtly racist comment needs a response, especially as he gets older. Definitely that. I so fully agree with MissinNYC.
I wish things were different, because I've been feeling very lonely (well, as lonely as one can feel with two wonderful children and a great husband). I know that I should be grateful for how much I do have instead of focusing on what I don't, but I truly wish for some local friends.
By "post-college" I mean, that I am well into my 30's. Well into. My family and I just moved across the country from the NYC area to a small island in the Pacific Northwest and it's a lot different here. It's beautiful here and I love it but I've been having a difficult time adjusting to the lack of friends. I have always been very involved with LLL so I do that here as well, I have joined a hs'ing group. We go to a farmers market every weekend and talk to everyone, I go...
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