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Anyone know of any Reggio-inspired schools/programs in north Orange County? Brea/Fullerton/Yorba Linda area? Thanks in advance!
*bump* I'm curious about this, too, as my ped told me today she would *try* to find the seperate components, but wasn't sure if she'd be able to.
Sorry if this is a really lame question...I'm still trying to figure everything out. Is there a "journals" section on MDC? Like a place where members can start a personal daily journal? Thanks!
For those of you who use Domperidone to increase supply: do you fully admit to taking the drug when you have doctor's appointments? I'm nervous about disclosing this info because of the whole "illegal" usage of the drug (in the US to increase lactation). On the other hand, I'm nervous about NOT telling my doctor -- what if I need to take antibiotics that have potentially hazardous effects when combined with Dom? Is it better to admit to using the drug "illegally", or...
I'm so glad you started this thread. I have worked (30 hrs/week) since DS was 6 weeks old, and now after 12 months, I am getting ready to quit and become a full-time SAHM. My job has become too demanding and, mentally, I'm not up for it. I hate feeling like being a mom is just an extra-curricular activity I do on the weekends. I hate feeling to tired and drained at night to play with DS during what little time I do have with him. So I'm quitting my job to SAH. I...
Wow. I feel so much better after reading your responses! I'm so relieved to know I'm not "locked" into anything. For those who delayed after starting, are you willing to post your newly revised schedule? Thanks so much to everyone who responded!
I feel terrible that I didn't start really doing my research about vaccinations until recently. Thus far we have done all our vax according to the federal and state (CA) guidelines. But now DS is approaching his 12-month well baby visit and I want to put him on a delayed vax schedule. Is that even possible once you start vaxing? Do you have to finish a series "on schedule" once you start it??? I know I can delay MMR because we never started it....but what about other...
Hey, this is my first post! I chose this name becase A.) it was available, and B.) it reflects my state of mind most of the time, especially when I've had no sleep!
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