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I don't know much about it, but some D3 supplements are derived from lanolin! Vegetarian, but not vegan.   Eggs from pastured chickens can be a good source, too.
Sure! I'd forgotten about that- we home birth, so that was the reason I haven't called them before- I heard a rumor recently that something changed, and they do now accept families who did not birth with them- but who knows, maybe they've filled their quota while I've been dragging my feet...   Good luck with everything!
Have you tried Barb Dalton & Yolanda Lawrence, on Wall Street in Springfield? Nice folks over there, I hear. I've been meaning to check them out and see how their office actually operates...   (I do know Barb personally, and she IS awesome- I just haven't tried her as a doctor yet)
Funny how when a doctor (or WIC nurse) tells us they've seen so many _________ , they present it as rock-solid evidence to support their infallible opinion,   but when offer up our own experience, it's immediately dismissed as worthless "anecdotal evidence."
Great! :)  
“Access to midwifery care and home birth should not be limited only to those who can afford those services out of pocket,” Gov. Shumlin said. “This law will ensure that all expectant mothers get the coverage and care they want and deserve.”   So far it looks like aftercare is also included, which is something Medicaid has not covered so far: "Shumlin signed a bill into law Wednesday requiring Vermont insurance companies to pay for the prenatal care, deliveries and...
Mary Lawlor helped me catch my son, and I adore her!! Annique Samson was her assistant back then (2005) and she's lovely, too!   He was my second baby, and I knew exactly what I wanted (and did not want) from them. They listened carefully, then followed my wishes to a T. His birth was just incredible- and very healing after our daughter's difficult birth with another caregiver.   They have a birthing center right outside of Keene, NH, but last I knew, also...
I just re-read the first page. I soooo needed this reminder/pep talk/shot in the arm!   One thought I'd add: don't just recycle catalogs if you get them in the mail. Tear off the page with your address and bring it to your computer. Go to the website for whoever sent you that catalog, copy your address exactly as it appears on their label, and tell them to take you off their list and not share your info with anybody else. I did this determinedly for just a...
It's aliiiiiive!!!!!!   Thanks for reviving this- I needed it!   So much of our messiness is clutter- currently our whole living room is a mess because DH is going through all of his vinyl records, "sorting" them, and it's hard to get around the piles. In theory, some of his categories are "give away." Wish me luck!   I am realizing more and more that kids don't need that much clothing. People give us garbage bags full, and it's tempting to keep most of...
Wow. We can put that in the dictionary as the definition of THOUGHTLESS.          
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