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This is a good rebuttal: http://www.drmomma.org/2012/03/circumcision-does-not-prevent-prostate.html
I'm not in U City, but close by. I'm working part time from home and home schooling my kids (6 and 3). I wouldn't pass up a park meet up if it worked with our schedule.
Yeah that's a problem, the interview with a rater, totally a leak. But posting that email communication with lionbridge, that's a problem too, would probably considered a violation of the terms and conditions.
I am merely trying to get the information out there, it's a good post, I encourage people to educate themselves on the function of the foreskin, and the reality of what circumcision removes. I just wanted to give the OP the support that she is looking for here. Bowing out now, as I have other things to occupy my brain today. Reminding myself why I stopped posting over here....
I did not mean to DDC crash, I just wanted to add my perspective, that it is he who should be convincing you. I do hope that you read the link I posted upthread, it is very informative and helpful, especially when read by a guy. I know you didn't mean to start a "throw down" but on this particular board, having "to circ or not to circ" in a title of a post is going to provoke strong reactions. The Case Against Circumcision has a lot of good posts, you may find something...
I will never understand why someone would post in a 7 page thread without first reading any of the other previous posts. I will also never understand making such a huge decision based on anecdotal evidence. Research. Seriously, when fully researched and understood, there is no justification for it. The end.
The way I look at it, it's on him to convince you that it needs to be done. The default should be to do nothing, if he wants to have something so drastic done to your child, he needs to do the convincing. He may be feeling defensive about being circumcised himself, but this isn't really about him. This is about your son, and his body. This is one of my favorite posts, it's done by a guy, has a very "guy" point of view. I sent it to a friend a bit ago and reading it...
I will shoot for 1:30 too, I'll have my 5 year old and two year old boys. I have short hair and glasses.
We could do an after lunch thing too, if that works for more people. Maybe 1:30 or 2?
We could do W or Th next week, Faust Park is nice!
New Posts  All Forums: