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Hello everyone! I am posting on behalf of a new friend of mine. She is pregnant with her second son and is due in early Dec. She is epileptic and unmedicated for the pregnancy. Her doc (obgyn) had told her that it is manditory for her to have an epidural during labor/birth because she can't get too stressed/tired and run the risk of having a seizue. Anybody have experience with this? Any advice for her or articles to read? Thanks!
thanks so much ladies. I'm feeling so much better already and I took it less than a day ago! yay!
oh wait I just read your post again saying that you took it. I'm assuming your baby didn't develop a third eye or something? Consider it swallowed. lol. thanks! Mel
ok thanks, can you tell me what L2 translates into as far as safety? Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with the book, just have heard it talked about a lot.
Hello ladies, can somebody please look up Diflucan (yeast infection treatment pill) for me? I have a wicked yeast infection and the doctor presceibed it to me because im going away next week and will be unable to breastfeed for 10 days, BUT I'd like to take it earlier (obviously) if possible. Thanks so much!!
maybe i worded that title wrong, but here's the deal: I have to go out of town for approximately 10 days. My son (and I since I am bf) are on a wheat and dairy free diet. Since I will not be able to BF I was thinking that i might be able to cheat a bit and have some of the forbidden foods. Any ideas how long wheat etc. would be present in my bm? thanks!
thanks ladies. you've given me a lot to think about. great advice as always!
Hello ladies, I am newly single and looking for advice please. My marriage has been over for some time now, but I finally broke it off with my husband a couple of weeks ago. We are still on speaking terms, and he is actually in denial about the whole thing. Wants to get back together, is just considering this a break etc. So anyways, in the next couple of months I want to move about 7-8 hours away. He obviously doesn't want me to move with our son, but had said...
im in canada so im not sure if its the same (but i think it is) the 25$ vonsge deal comes with canada/us puerto rico and some european countries too.
i had a labial tear only with four stitches. I had to have two of the stitches cut out, and that was just two days shy of three weeks. We had sex the next night I believe. It wasn't *awesome* and it was a bit uncomfortable, but not in the area of the tear. I'd say if you think you're fine then you probably will be. Good luck, lol.
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