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The risotto recipe I have calls for cooking pumpkin and artichokes until you can basically puree the pumpkin and then adding rice, stock, etc. You could probably sautee artichokes (3 hearts, fresh) and then add puree and make risotto. It's really yummy. If you want to know how to make it, just pm me.
I know it's not pc but I use quart and pint sized freezer bags for broth. They can be stored flat and you can get quite a bit in a crowded freezer in very little space. In general, though when you make broth you add flavors to it. For my chicken broth I put in ginger and garlic. Traditional broth calls for onions, carrots and celery. If you can chicken broth just be very very careful. Broth is a huge breeding ground for bacteria.
If you're going to upgrade appliances check with your state, you can sometimes get tax credits or discounts if you buy energy efficient. Doing this will save you money in buying and using so you can upgrade other things more quickly. But also look at the room you'll spend the most time in and make what improvements you can. Painting a room does go a long way.
Quote: Originally Posted by CorbinsMama : I interpret the lights as being the light needed to light the deep dark Winter nights, as well as the light that is returning as the days start to get longer. Since moving to Vermont, the land of little to no street lights, I'm always grateful for Christmas lights this time of year as the days get shorter and shorter. Helps me to understand and appreciate the pagan tradition it comes from. Wasn't that...
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy Ya know, around these parts I hear that is foreplay You get a smooch! I would just avoid talking to them about kids if at all possible other than to congratulate them. And then walk away. Good luck!
For us tradition. We both get the week off, it's a holiday and my atheist dp likes rituals. We really call it more a celebration of the winter holidays than Christmas.
We have a dollhouse, doll furniture and some of the Plan City road stuff. It's all held up well and dd really likes it. I've found kidsurplus.com is a good place to get the stuff at decent prices. eta I really, really like the pirate ship but dp wanted to get dd one that floated so we opted with a boat from nova naturals.
My parents wanted me to be happy and self sufficient. And their definition of happy was also specific in its way but I had to find it myself. It's not empty happiness of just doing whatever you want. It's true happiness of living a good life and finding your bliss. As I raise my own child I see how difficult it is to just facilitate that. It would be much easier to just plan out dd's life.
My ideal size is 1 child. So I voted other.
I think if you concentrate on what Santa, et al symbolize rather than making them out to be concrete figures you teach valuable lessons about giving, you preserve the magic and you lessen the disappointment when your kids find out they're not concrete beings but a spirit that is in all of us.
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