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Happy to hear he's feeling better Another great place to ask goat questions is homesteadingtoday.com They have a goat forum with lots of goat people. I've posted a lot of questions and I usually get many responses very quickly.
I hope the kids aren't disappointed with our homemade cards... I gave my kids the choice and they were really excited about making homemade ones. They've been having so much fun with it
We have dairy goats that I milk, a few egg layers, we raise 50-75 meat chickens every year, and pigs. We have a small garden but take advantage of the wonderful produce for sale raised by our Amish neighbors in the area. Our goats are pastured and fed a grain mixture at milking time. The pigs are pastured and fed pig feed. They also get veggie scraps and leftover goat milk. The egg layers are free range and for the meat chickens, we use a chicken tractor. All the...
Yes, we purchased piano wizard. We have not had a lot of time to use it yet but so far I am very impressed with it. My dh plans on using it along with my ds to learn.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1jooj : hi summersmama. I'm in WI too. A friend of mine is a cranberry farmer. You near WI Rapids? I was just wondering the same thing! Tomah/Warrens area came to mind too.
Do you know what breed of goat you want? When I wanted my Oberhasli goats I searched online for farms in the area. Many have websites and you can read about their farm and how their goats are raised. I lucked out and found some beautiful registered does about 20 minutes from my home. You are on the right track with contacting the American Dairy Goat Association. I joined this year and got a lot of great info, including a catalog with all the other members, catagorized...
On our farm we have: 4 Oberhasli dairy goats (3 does, one buck) Kids will be here in March! : 10 laying hens A pair of Silver Fox rabbits and 2 Cinnamons A verry friendly barn cat, Yella 4 dogs - Charlie, a Great Pyrennees, Gunnar, a Black Lab, Maggie, a Yellow Lab, and Gus, our little indoor mix breed. During the summer we raise around 50 meat chickens and three pigs on pasture.
I just painted a shelf unit in my bathroom that sounds just like what you have. It took the paint ok but it can be scraped easily. If I were picky (I'm not, I just wanted to get it done!) I would have used some primer first, maybe that would hold the paint better. Good Luck!!
When we first got goats, I tried and quickly gave up milking, leaving it to my dh. I was amazed at how fast he was at it. A few times I had to do it when he wasn't home and dreaded it. I was slow, the girls didn't like me as well as dh, I never got as much milk, and I had the hardest time getting it in the bucket. Those were our first goats. We then went a year with no goats (too many things going on). I missed the milk so much I decided to get a couple of milkers...
Quote: Originally Posted by KayleeZoo Why would you only want your DD to have one doll? : I wish my girls would have played with dolls; I had many and remember playing with them until I was 11 or 12 years old. One of my DDs loves Disney Princess Barbies, though, and my mom and I are actually splitting them up for Christmas- she'll get them from both of us, it's cheaper for each person that way. I don't understand the proprietary feeling towards the gift...
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