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I think what sofysmommy meant (and please correct me if my assumption is way off base!), is that not all who experience PPD have such physical symptoms. Maybe a few, but for some, it may be more of a mental experience. As for myself, I experienced mental, physical, etc.. and in my case, I benefited from antidepressants, which got me to a place where concepts such as Ho'oponopono and The Work could be well received by my brain. I don't think anyone was suggesting...
Sounds like a wonderful report, and a wonderful start Keep us posted Giving yourself non-mommy purposes can be a real breakthrough for some who experience ppd. It helped me a ton, thats for sure. I was a much nicer mommy when I was with my kids. I was HAPPY to see them.
Daycare is my biggest anxiety, I must admit, for the same reasons you listed...BUT, I think it would help if when you feel those feelings of guilt coming up, like your daughter is crying for you and you can't hold her, just say in your mind "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" over and over and over. Sometimes apologizing to them in my mind helps too, just saying to them/myself "I'm sorry that this is difficult, I really love you and I am doing my best." And give yourself time too.
more love and support. the loneliness can be excruciating. we are here to listen! Do something nice for yourself. Maybe study while taking a nice long bubble bath? Get wrinkly! How about lighting some candles and just feeling loving toward yourself?
You cannot save him, you can only save youself mama. You gut is telling you something very important. Listen to it and don't let your guilt or anything waiver you from it.
I feel you!!
Not sure what its like in your state, but where I am, if you are already that far into pregnancy, you may qualify for welfar and not have to get a job until your youngest is 1yo. That could at least give you room to figure some things out. And yeah, if the kids are mostly with you all day everyday, the courts would want to keep the status quo for the children as much as possible.
Just offering support. Not sure about what mood stabilizers may be compatible with breastfeeding, I will check around. Big hugs mama! Good for you for being aware, and seeking help.
Are you okay mama? Big hugs!
How are you mama?
New Posts  All Forums: