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I hope this doesn't offend you (or anyone for that matter) in anyway, but a lot of your post resonated with me as well. The feelings that you describe, disatisfaction with your parenting, the tiredness, the sobbing... do you think it may be depression, or postpartum depression? Only because I felt all those things and more, and have noticed a big difference once I finally tried antidepressants (was afraid of them for the longest time...) I also thought that it was all...
Hey mamas, to those who are having a really rough time right now, I send you my warmest, most sincere and genuine love and hugs. If you have spent much of your day/week crying, I just want to offer an ear to listen. I remember feeling as though no one was listening, even if I was shouting (and even if I was only shouting in my head). What can you do RIGHT NOW for yourself? Drink a glass of water? Just give yourself permission to not do anything? Go outside...
Well, just increased to 40mg today. Will let you know how it goes!
Huge hugs mama!
Thanks mamas and thanks mosschops, for letting me know that it is ok to let him stay for a little while. I know he will be moving into a place soon, and the kids enjoy seeing him, and we are totally civil and "friends" right now, so its all good I think. There has not been any kind of drama really, I just don't participate if I sense it may start.
Forgot to mention all the empty cigarette packs I found in the car. blech. guess he's taken up smoking during all this. He had quit right before I got pg with Ds1.
Geeze, I guess you really have to be distanced for awhile to realize what the heck was going on. We are about 4 months into this separation... X DP has been kicked out of his aunti's place because she found out about some not-so-great (*ahem* illegal *cough cough*) things he was doing. He has been sleeping on my couch the past few nights (I know I know I know...my therapist is going to have a mouthful for that one...) but he knows that I will not allow him to stay another...
I'm in!
Wishing you peace today Emily, I know it may not feel very peaceful, as your trucking the kids off to daycare and starting your training, but I send you my love!
thank you for your reply. That gives me hope about increasing my dose. I started at 10mg, noticed a difference, increased to 20mg, then I feel like I kind of backtracked and the rage has been coming back, so maybe the psych will recommend increasing and seeing what happens then.
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