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Oh mama, huge hugs to you, I am so sorry. You are in my prayers, and I have faith that you and your kiddos will be taken care of. You took a huge step, it could have only gotten worse and more tangled. Lots of love to you.
stbx: soon to be ex, but lmao at your guess momo7!
Well, got the car back, but its in crap condition and needs at LEAST $500 worth of work on it.
Some other things that have been on my mind... If I end up having to get a job (food stamps requires that I register at the career center when Ds2 is 1yo, this July) and put the kids in daycare, they will probably have to get vaccinations. I have not been able to get exemptions, as the AGs office is really dragging it out and not doing a darn thing about it. The best option for this situation would be that I work part time, and while I'm working X DP watch the kids. I...
Sorry, I did have to giggle at the voodoo doll comment, as the thought has crossed my mind in the really low moments. I have had some very vivid and emotional dreams since all of this. I think that is normal. More hugs to you mama.
HUGE HUGS EMILY!!!!!!!! I'll be sending all my strength to you mama. You really sound like you are staying true to yourself and your daughters. Everything will be fine, mama, you have a lot of mamas praying for you and sending you strength right now! Remember that when you feel like crumbling. There's a lot of love for you and your girls.
I'm not sure how this all works, and I haven't spoken to any lawyers about any of this yet, and not sure if I should or not...? X DP and I were never married. I am confused about what my rights are and what his rights are, at this moment, without going to court. I had a child support case opened, and then closed. Now I'm wondering if I should open it again. He is on both their birth certificates. He is looking for a place to live/rent right now, as his aunti is kicking...
OMG Huge huge huge hugs to you for having to deal with such toxic people!! I second cutting them off. You don't deserve to have your spirit continually beaten like that by anyone, EVER. Serious. You are a strong beautiful woman and mother, your son is blessed. Take this whole thing as an opportunity. A blessing in disguise. Call to make sure your check is ready to be picked up. Walk in to that office, get your check, and get the hell out. If they try to talk to you, I...
Well the evening went MUCH better than the day, thank god! My mom stopped by and helped distract the boys and my perspective and mood shifted. I also had a glass of wine, played outside, showered with the boys, and then built them a blanket fort and let them play till they were tired while I read/journaled. Something that really helps too in these kinds of moments (I notice they come in waves for me...) is to go through my "gratitude list" of all the things I am...
UGH...today was horrible. I didn't feel like doing anything again. I need to unrut myself before I go nuts. I felt rage towards the kids today. I hate that.
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