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I pick up my kids one day a week only because my DD has dance class right after school and if I let her take the bus home, she would not make it to dance class in time. Her dance school is in the opposite direction from the school as our house. I hate doing pick up at my older kids school with a passion. The parking lot is small and way too many cars. Also if they are going home, they are the first stop and actually get home faster than if I drove them home. In the...
My daughter is in second grade and still keeps in close touch with a friend from kindergarten who is in a different school. As long as they still ask about each other, the mother and I will encourage the friendship.
I refuse to visit my kids at school because they tend to act up when I am around. I specific request not to volunteer for my own kid's classroom or when they are in the library. BTDT with not good results. I have been known to wave from a distance if I am at the school (like to pick up my pre-schooler) when they are on the playground. Sometimes they will wave back, sometimes not. My DD will sometimes come and give a hug but I leave it in her court.
I rarely do playdates. Actually I have not had a single one this summer. The only kid I have over is a close friend of my DD who she went to kindergarten with and now goes to a different school. The two girls area really low maintaince though. My DS has asked to have a few friends over. I have talked with a the parents a few times but it always seems like too much work particularly when he sees them everyday.
My parents stayed at our place and watched the kids while I gave birth. After that my DH went home and sent my parents home. Both times, it was just one night and the kids did well. Actually my older ones had a harder time then my younger one.
As a mother of four, if I get an invite for one of my kids for a school friend, I assume it is only for them and not the entire gang (I did take my youngest with me as a babe in arms to some of my oldest parties but he was nursing and not eating or particating.). I was really surprised last year at a party when I dropped my DD off when the host asked me where her twin brother was (He was not friends with the party girls or even in the same class)!
I would have DD make her a really nice card and treat her to ice cream with DD.
The only bottle my youngest would take was the Soothie bottle. My middle boy would only take a sippy cup (rejected bottle completely).
How are walkers treated? I would park on the street and walk your child in as if they were a walker. This is what I did with my kids the few times I dropped them off after getting the evil eye for getting out since I have child locks on so my kids can't open the door themselves.
My three boys share a room. Other than fights some night at bedtime, it work well. It is only their beds and clothes in the room. I would set aside and area where if someone needs some space temp, they can have it. My oldest will hang out with me some nights reading in the computer room because the younger two are getting on his nerves.
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