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Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Anyway, I think I told you more than you were actually asking, sorry... Not at all. I was curious about other people's take on this. Thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Emphatically, YES!!! But, do I believe that yoga will cause possession? Not necessarily. IMO, you can practice yoga (and any of the other things you listed) without getting into the "other religion" part of it. Yes, a lot of yoga asks you to focus on centering yourself with nature or whatever...but I use it to practice breathing, stretch, and have some quiet time (and that quiet time CAN include the god of your...
So, we're cat-sitting for my neighbor. She is a very nice, sweet person. She is also very religious. I was really surprised by some of the books on her bookshelves. Several books warning about demon possession and how to be on guard against that as a Christian. The thought that things like yoga, martial arts, and video games can be doorways for demons to possess you. I am an atheist and don't really think about religion that much. I'm always taken aback when...
OK, I am totally pro-breastfeeding, my daughter nursed until 3.5 and I wish that everyone nursed their babies. But, I can see how that shirt could be offensive. Anytime you say "real me do ..." you are also implying the opposite: that if you don't support it you are not a real man. I guess it just rubs me the wrong way because I am always seeing "real men love Jesus". Considering we are an atheist family, that one always offends me.
I love it. It reminds me of my DD's name, Jori.
Beautiful! I'm bawling here.
The reason is that the car seat manufacturers don't want to open themselves up to liability. So they make a blanket statement that if there is an accident, the seats have to be replaced. Generally, if your children weren't in the seats and the car was drivable, there isn't going to be any damage to the seat. If the child is in the seat then a moderate impact would warrent replacement.
Well, it is going to depend on who you ask. I've seen arguments for the opposite wording being preferable. Some people who are autistic themselves have argued that saying they "have autism" makes it seem more negative. Like it is something completely separate from who they are. Autism is a part of who they are and they are not ashamed of that. My daughter is autistic and has autism and I tend to use both interchangably because to me it's just semantics. I think...
My car has only one key for the ignition--and we can not find it. I have looked everywhere I can think of. I'm about to start crying.
I couldn't read and not respond. I am sorry you are having to deal with this. May you find peace.
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