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Quote: Originally Posted by harleyhalfmoon Living Dolls: Part One Living Dolls: Part Two Living Dolls: Part Three Living Dolls: Part Four Living Dolls: Part Five Living Dolls: Part Six Living Dolls: Part Seven Living Dolls: Part Eight I've only watched the first link, I'm thinking I should stop now. I don't think I can handle it. What a mean mom.
Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy Okay, I'm going to be brutally honest here, so please.. .feel entirely free to disregard this post and shove my opinion where the sun doesn't shine. Shaq, as a reference, wouldn't bother me-- I'd rather have a child associated with Shaquille O'Neill than Rusty Shackleford, which was the first thought that came to mind. This would be a pop-culture reference-- on King of the Hill is a paranoid and sad character named...
I call these my stress dreams. I can tell that my life is feeling really out of control and stressed in general when I start having these dreams. They are always the ones where I can't find my schedule, or I'm getting to school at 9:45 and realize my class started at 9, not 10. I'm sitting in class and look around and realize I'm in the wrong class. I'm sitting in class realizing that I didn't study and have no idea what the test is going to be about. I'm actually...
Erm, I don't really like it. The upshot of this is that it's not my baby, so who cares what I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess not knowing what cookiemonstermommy did last night. Ain't that the truth!
Snuggling in bed with DH and DD.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~member~ : I am also scared to death to put my hand in to get the cup. I have to make sure the thing is completely off and then I wait until I think there are no more molecules/electrons zapping around, and then I wear the thermal glove I got on a visit to the Nuclear Power Plant. : Really? I think if I was that scared, I just wouldn't use one. I'm not being snarky, I just have never heard of anyone being afraid...
Aw, that is sweet. I am sure it is memories. I remember being amazed at how far back my daughter could remember significant events when she was 3.
OK, here goes. I'm going to jump into this for the last week in January as practice for February. My goals for the rest of the month: $0/$15 groceries $0/$20 gas $0/$5 "mad money" $0/20 family restaurant eating next month I'll have to post a budget for the whole month, but this is a good little practice run. I want cool smilies too! = no spend, = necessary spending w/in budget, : = unnecessary spending
Thanks for all of the great advise everyone. I think it is just overwhelming right now because I'm just trying to get organized. I looked over my lists again and managed to just go to two stores tonight. I will run into another tomorrow just to stock up on a really great deal, but not for a lot of shopping. I'm meal planning for two week stretches right now. We get paid every two weeks, so it makes sense for now to plan for that length. I have a crockpot and I...
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