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I have been lurking a lot on this forum lately, getting some great ideas. We are already good at some things like buying store brands, trying to eat less meat, and not wasting food, and we are working on cutting back on the eating out and convenience food. But, I have never been much of a comparison shopper and I never clipped coupons or even glanced at the weekly grocery adds. Never meal planned. So, the last 2 weeks, I have jumped in with both feet to the meal...
I wasn't a teenage mom, but I have a lot of emotional connection to teenage moms for 2 main reasons. My mother had me when she was 17, and I always admired how she completed highschool at 9 months pregnant. The 2nd reason is that my best friend growing up had a child at 16 and a 2nd at 18. I use to spend at least 2 nights a week at her house at the time and would do the midnight feedings and diaper changes, I was very involved with her daughters.
My heart breaks. May her family find the strength that she had to get through this.
My DH would never do this, but I wouldn't have a problem if he had wanted to try. I agree w/ PP who said this *is* natural. It may not be common, but it is natural. The baby in the movie was so cute, and I just got the feeling that her dad was very sincere. If mamas breastfeeding are beautiful, then dads are too.
My DD just got her ears pierced last week, at 5 years old. It was her decision. She spent all of her 4th year saying she would get her ears pierced when she was 5. Then, when she actually turned 5, we talked about how it would hurt and be sore for a while during healing. She changed her mind and said "maybe when I'm 99". Then she started asking how bad it would hurt, and we talked about it some more and she decided she would get her ears pierced if I did too. I...
That brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd I'm hairy. Personally I *like* the feeling of wind blowing thru my leg hair. Me too!! I told my husband once how nice of a feeling it is on a breezy summer day to be in shorts and to feel the wind blowing thru my leg hair. He looked at me like I was insane.
Quote: Originally Posted by mistymama My son (who is not the least bit shy!) helped a baby out in a similar situation. He ran over and started saying, "Why are you crying baby? Why is your Mommy not picking you up baby? Aww don't be sad, I will make you smile!" and the Mom *had* to do something. Aww, that made my heart melt.
I think that everyone needs health insurance. I might be a little biased, because I have a job where I am always talking to people who have been seriously injured. But, you never know what you are going to be hit by a car, or need surgery, or something more severe than you normally deal with, even if you are usually healthy. In the area where I live, if you are in a car accident and break your leg and require hospitalization and surgery to fix it, you are looking at...
I'm so sorry for your loss.
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