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: Wow. He can never play with the neighbor again if he says a**hole? Harsh.
Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker OMG! I just saw the same sticker yesterday (well... it was Tuesday or Weds, now I can't quite remember which)! Hadn't ever seen it before. I was quite irritated as well. You know, really... who cares? Don't you have more important things to worry about? Guess not. Must be an easy life for you. Or maybe not, since obviously you anger easily... Edit: To the OP ~ I just realised that your location says Western...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kay11 For those who have used the word with their kids, how exactly did you say it in the sentence? That sounds ridiculous I know, but no matter how I say it in my head it just sounds weird saying it to a toddler! DD, in the bathtub, checking things out: Vis is my vulva! Me: Yes DD: What's vis part? (pointing to clitoris) Me: That's your clitoris. Hasn't come up much since then. It is the one part that I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 If I saw that I would be tempted to say, "Hey if your finger is getting that tired, you can always borrow this one right here!!" I was so tempted to give him the 1 finger salute, but had to be a good example for DD in the back seat.
"Why the h*ll should I have to press '1' for English". Next to an American flag. Like pressing 1 is so inconvenient? Might strain a finger. OK, I guess some people need to advertise how bigoted they are.
: That is so sweet!
When DD was learning about body parts, I told my mother and sister I was going to teach her the right words, including vulva. They were shocked. My mom said it sounds like a dirty word, and my sister said everyone would make fun of her if she called it that. We called our genitals our "bottoms" growing up, which was separate from our butt. That was confusing when other people use the word bottom to mean butt. I actually caved for a little while after talking to...
I'm mama 99% of the time, which is the title that I prefer. although DD does call me mommy, mom, mother or by my first name if the mood strikes her. In the grocery store last night, she said very loudly "Don't forget we need to get some milk, wonderful mama". The man next to me grinned and said that I must really be wonderful if that is what my daughter calls me. I swear I didn't tell her to say that! I call my own mother ma, sometimes mom.
: Yay! I had no idea I lived in a state with one of the lowest rates in the country! Go Washington!
I say that you have a heart to heart with you mom, tell her your concerns. Tell her you believe that if she loves you and the grandkids she will put your helath first. If she will not compromise, then it's time to take out all the stops and play it up. show up with some of those hospital masks and you and the kiddos keep them on 24/7 the whole time. I"m not really kidding--that might make her realize the hazard she is putting them thru. Then, every time she lights up,...
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