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I would keep them together. The older one can pursue thing in slightly more depth (longer reports -- follow the scientific method more closely) if interested, but at that age I would still try to mostly keep it fun and hands on unless the child has a real desire to pursue a subject at a deeper level.
my boys either bathed with me or were watched by dh while I bathed.
High cost of living -- esp. housing is the biggest drawback. The closer to the coast you would like to live the more expensive you can expect it to be. Coming from Vegas you are probably used to heat, so going a bit inland can really cut your housing costs down -- through commuting costs will rise.
I work 20 hours a week over three days at the library. It works well for us, but my husbands schedule is such that he is almost always able to be home when I am at work, and he does some of the schooling as well. Once you connect with other homeschool families, you might be able to work out child-care swap while you're working.
not a podcast, but I love Boomerang audio magazine for kids.
I just ordered rain boots on clearance form Land's End kids section. They fit me well and come up pretty high. If you get on their email list they will send you free shipping cupouns, and if you end up not liking them you can return them to your local Sears store.
I've heard of people who just "skip" their child over the grade that requires testing, then the next year hold them back. So, for example if testing is required in 4th grade -- they skip from 3rd to 5th and then have them "repeat" 5th so they are never in a grade with required testing. My state does not have any testing requirements, so I can't speak on how this works personally.
It worked very well for me with my first child, and not as well with my second. But overall I'd say it is definitely worth trying.
When they ask "no school today" you can always just say "Yep it's a teacher inservice day." And not engage at all.
There is a book I love that is for adults called "How to be a Perfect Stranger" It's primary focus is what to expect when atteneding weddings/funerals/etc from a different religion but it also gives a short intro on the history and beliefs of each group as well.
New Posts  All Forums: