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oldest was between 7 and 8. Youngest is 8 and not reading yet.
Generally speaking,landlords are responsible for keeping the house in a livable, safe condition. It sounds like your place is reaching the point when it is no longer safe. Laws do vary bylocation however. Is there a renter's assistance program in your town who you couldgetadvice from?
We got a plain unfinished solid wood bunk from IKEA. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20102451
I think smaller bedrooms -- they're really just for sleeping/storing clothes/private time -- none of which need alot of space
here's some advice form "The Simple Dollar" one of my favorite financial blogs: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2007/...ife-insurance/
my husband and I both work part-time and we homeschool 2 boys. As the previous poster said, find a schedule that works for you -- it doesn't have to be traditional school hours. Also with 4 kids you can combine subjects when possbile to make it easier/possible to do. Everybody studies the same history time period but on their own level, for example.
I had a friend who wore red, I wore dusty rose (but we had already eloped and it was more of a reception than a formal ceremony)
I will read this tonight and comeback with my thoughts. Thanks for keeping the discussion going.
I stopped steralizing after a while (I pumped while working full time for 6mos.) and never had any problems. I think as long as you wash them well you'll be fine.
I love the list of "tricks" the predator uses to get you to let your guard down. I need to make a copy of that list to keep handy. I was reminded of it atwork the other day, when a customer was trying to get out of paying his bill -- he was giving too many details and I could just tell he was lying becuase of it. It's one of thosethings -- nobody's memory is that good for everything he was coming up with -- didn't convince me at all. I felt glad that I could recognize it...
New Posts  All Forums: