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I think it's cute. I know one Josie who is 5 -- her's is short for josephine though they always knew they were going to call her josie.
I made crocheted washable covers for my swiffer. I've been very happy with them.
I'd recommned "learning all the time" by John Holt as a good book to peruse. If you want a more "formal" type of program -- Five in a row worked great for us at that age. Only takes a short time each day, but adds a small bit of structure to your learning (if you are looking for that). Plus what Lillian said -- her advice is always good.
It gets much easier in many ways when your kids get older, and can do more for themselves. Just relax and try to enjoy the ride for now.
My worries are less about the kids being hurt/dying -- though I do worry about that sometimes. I mainly worry about DH. When he's out, or not back when I'm expecting him then I worry. He has a serious medical condition, and if he were in a car accident that might only be minor injuries for someone else he could be a lot worse off -- and if the paramedics didn't see his medic alert bracelet info, what they do to try to help might actually make it worse. I read this...
I read this book several years ago, but am glad to be going through it again. I think learning to tune into my intuition more is the biggest challenge, though in many ways those ofus on MDC haveaheadstart -- we've already gone against society in many choices --we've followed our intutions to breastfeed, not circ., homeschool and many other thingsthat society dismisses, we just need to keep heeding that inner voice for the more sutble things like getting one elevators or...
another Dr. Suess book you might want to look at is The Butter Battle Book which is about war, however the ending is ambiguous -- we don't know if the waring countries destroy each other or not.
I reccomned "reading without Nonsense" by Frank Smith. He basically shows that children learn to read in spite of the school curriculum, not because of it http://www.amazon.com/Reading-Withou.../dp/0807734721
If it was me, I would buy a digital camera. My current one is dying, and it would be used a lot. I think everyone's answer to this will be different.
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